Top 3 Plugins for Sending WordPress Emails

Do your readers rely on your WordPress emails to keep up with your latest content and news? Does the default WordPress email plugin not live up to your expectations?

Tech problems and glitches are always frustrating, but even more so when they affect your loyal subscribers. And sometimes, it’s not a glitch. The software just isn’t good.

But with the right WordPress email plugins, you can customize more settings. And, you can feel confident that your subscribers will actually receive your emails in their inboxes on time.

Here are the best types of WordPress plugins out there for email so you can choose the right one for you.

1. Easy WP SMTP

Is your WordPress site brand new and are you a complete beginner when it comes to all things web-related? No problem, then you should use easy WordPress plugins like Easy WP SMTP to manage your emails.

This is a free plugin that the developers keep up-to-date. You can use your existing email account’s servers (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and test your WordPress emails before you send them out.

It is fail-safe and there is support available if you need it.

2. WP Mail Pro

From easy to pro in one step, WP Mail Pro is one of the best WordPress plugins for sending emails if you know what you’re doing and want more capabilities.

Do you have a problem with WordPress emails going to spam? WP Mail Pro has its own server. This means you can rest easy knowing that email providers register your emails as legitimate marketing emails.

You will be able to see if any emails bounced or did not deliver, too.

This plugin also offers tons of stats, which are very helpful if you have a superior you need to report to. You will be able to check the open rate of your emails and if people unsubscribe after receiving particular emails.

If you have a lot of subscribers, you might have to pay for the premium version, as only the first 1,000 emails every month are free. But it’s worth it.

3. Sendinblue

If you have an eCommerce site, then delivery updates and marketing newsletters are likely important to your business. You may also have a complex sales funnel strategy that you need to put in place, too.

So, you need a WordPress email plugin that can handle all those requests, which is where Sendinblue comes in.

You can send up to 300 emails a day with this plugin and store unlimited contacts. It’s easy to segment users so you can send tailored emails to different groups. And, it has an easy drag-and-drop interface so you can customize your newsletters.

Streamline Your WordPress Emails Today

As a WordPress site owner, there are always different plugins you can use to improve your workflow. And now that you know what the best plugins are for your WordPress emails, you can start providing better service to your subscribers.

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