Top 4 Best Desk Lamps For Your Home Office

Desk lamps can be the best companion for your home office. It is the main thing to get a task done on time and with ease. You need a good desk lamp that gives you power and comfort to light up your workspace. It should be adjustable and easy to use. Furthermore, you need one that can fit in an office space without taking much space. If you are short on your budget and want to find the best but affordable table lamps in Australia, you should read this guide till the last word.

Do you have a home office or want to create one? Then here is a list of the best desk lamps for you! Let’s see what is it that makes them so popular among desk users.

1. The Ottlite Bluewave High Definition Desk Lamp

Here we have one of the most popular products on Amazon, the Ottlite Bluewave High Definition Desk Lamp. This lamp has an ultra-high-definition light that makes it easy to read and see your work clearly. It has a flexible arm that allows you to position this lamp as you like. You can adjust the height of this lamp and the direction in which it points.

This desk lamp has a large number of positive customer reviews, with more than 3,600 customers giving it 5 stars out of 5 ratings. They have praised this lamp for its brightness and ease of use. One customer even commented on how it had helped her recover from macular degeneration. This high rating and popularity are mostly because of its affordable price. This product costs only $35, making it one of the most affordable high-quality desk lamps on Amazon.

2. LUMIWALL LED Desk Lamp – Best LED Desk Lamp

LUMIWALL LED Desk Lamp is a perfect combination of utility and style. It features high brightness, which offers soft, natural light. The arm extends from 6 to 8 inches so that it can easily reach any corner of the room. The gooseneck lets you adjust its direction in any way possible. This allows you to work comfortably, either lying down or sitting straight on your chair.

3. Atmor LED Desk Lamp – Best Affordable Desk Lamp

Atmor LED Desk Lamp is very useful in efficiently illuminating small areas and offices at a very affordable price! It is power efficient, produces natural light and has a gooseneck design that allows you to point its head into any direction needed on the table

4. Brightness

Desk lamps are meant to provide illumination to specific areas such as your computer or study table. Some desk lamps have adjustable brightness levels for those who want to relax and read at night without disturbing anyone else who is asleep. The brightness level is measured in lumens. A typical 60-watt incandescent bulb provides about 800 lumens of illumination; halogen bulbs provide about 1,500 lumens, and compact fluorescent bulbs provide about 2,100 lumens per watt. The higher the lumens per watt, the brighter the lamp will be.


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