Top 5 Cities to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a magnificent state in the northeast of the USA. It has amazing nature and a lot of landmarks that attract lots of tourists. There are a lot of lakes, national parks, and mountains, so it is breathtakingly beautiful. Besides, there are a lot of sights to see, so when you are planning your itinerary make sure to include the following cities in the mix.


Philadelphia is one of the most popular cities in the state, as it is basically the cradle of the nation. Of course, the top attraction there is Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  It is definitely renowned as it was the place where the Constitution was signed. So, it is on the must-visit list for those keen on history. In Philadelphia, you can find a great number of museums and buildings from the 18th century that were renovated. You can either get a rental car or stroll around the area, and see as many of the sights as you can.


Pittsburgh is a highly industrialized city, also known as “the Steel City”, or the “City of Bridges”. Apart from manufacturers, the city is home to multiple universities, companies, and is even considered as the headquarters of cyber defense and software engineering. There are a lot of museums, including Carnegie Science Centre and Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Check out car rental in Pittsburgh, for instance, Avis Pittsburgh, so that you can manage to visit more landmarks in the city and the suburbs. Be sure to pop by Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium and then ride the funicular railway up Duquesne Incline and you are bound to have a whale of a time.


Gettysburg is technically a town, but it had the greatest impact on the country and thus is worth mentioning. The Gettysburg battle during the Civil war shaped the course of events and made the town itself popular. There you will find a great number of museums and Gettysburg National Military Park. You can take a tour of the battlefield and study all the exhibits in the museums. Visit Soldiers’ National Cemetery and admire the view of the battlefield from the rocky hill Little Round Top. So, if you use a car rental service, do take a chance to visit this location and spend some time there.


The capital of the state is Harrisburg and it should be the next stop on your route. It is a cozy place with a great number of buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. They have been carefully renovated and as the city is located on the banks of Susquehanna River, it is the perfect place to vacation. You can stroll around the city taking in the amazing architecture, as well as the most stunning views of the river. The top location here is the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex. It looks amazing and the dome of this landmark is a smaller-scale replica of the one on St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.


Lancaster is one of the most unique places in the state. This area is home to a large Amish community and you can visit it to learn about their religion and lifestyle. You can visit an interactive Amish Farm and see a typical Amish house. Plus, your whole family will enjoy Dutch Wonderland Amusement park.  There are a lot of historic buildings to see, and the North Museum of History and Science is said to be a true highlight of your trip.

All in all, there are a lot of places to see in the state. You should try to get as many of those on your trip as you can. So make sure to get a rental car and travel around all those places.


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