Top 5 Moving Companies In Montreal/Canada

Moving is never an easy process. We agree that having to carry all your belongings from one place to another is a daunting task. Also, some of the movers are bad and slow, making it even more of a hassle.

So, we made a list of the top 5 moving services in Montreal (Canada) to help you with your moving issues and make moving a smoother experience.

So, let’s start!

1. Demanagio. CA

With over a decade of experience in moving, Demanagio.ca is known to give out the best service to its customers. The service is so smooth that you don’t have to worry about anything. The movers always show up in time and maintain their schedule. Also, your goods are delivered in time at the destination. Demanagio is known for following a strict time schedule so that the customer does not have any issues. The staff at Demanagio CA is courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. They don’t waste any time while moving and are always available if you have any queries. The customer service of Demanagio CA is also rapid and agile.

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2. Montreal Movers

Montreal Movers is another reputed company when it comes to moving stuff. They offer an insurance package that doesn’t hurt. The staff as well is very punctual and are known to perform their jobs very well. Montreal Movers has one of the best reviews on the internet, and rightly so. Known for its long-distance moving across Canada, Montreal Movers are also perfect for moving stuff across a short distance. This company has a small number of people, but they are very dedicated and punctual. This makes up for the less strength. Montreal Movers are a premium moving company and also has the capability to move your stuff internationally.

3. Bust A Move

This company is known for its responsive customer service. Founded in 2008, Bust A Move has provided its services to thousands of happy customers. So, whether it’s moving your bed or the entire house, you won’t be sad with Bust A Move. The staff is courteous and diligent. Even the higher management is very responsive and works as a unit to provide the customer with the best moving experience. So, if you do not have to move a humongous amount of things, then choose Bust A Move.

4. Two Small Men

With experience of over three decades, Two Small Men are professionals in the moving business. They are known to be on time. The company has been in business for so long and holds a name in the moving industry. They are well known across Montreal, so it is not very tough to learn about them. The best part about Two Small Men is that they rely a lot on customer feedback. This has enabled them to improve and stay up to date with the change in time constantly. The pricing is very nominal, and you don’t have to worry about paying extra bucks. They also offer storage and junk removal solutions to the customers. Two Small Men provide a one-stop solution to move.

5. ASAP Moving And Transport

Have to move a longer distance? Then this is the mover for you. They are known to take care of all your stuff while moving, and the staff is also courteous. ASAP Moving is almost ten years into the business. They have provided their services to thousands of happy customers. The staff is knowledgeable and energetic. Another fascinating fact about ASAP Moving is that they only hire people who have three years of moving experience. So, you don’t have to worry about your stuff being in inexperienced hands.