Top-5 Portugal Key Players at EURO 2020






If there’s something Portugal has that hadn’t happened in a long while (perhaps as long as EURO 2004), that is star-quality in pretty much all areas of the pitch. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

As the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo grows, his capacities begin to slowly deteriorate: his peak has been in a long while, and despite still being the top scorer of the Serie A, which is no laughing matter, and a testament to his goal scoring ability, new players are starting to unfold and show the world that CR7 was not the last beacon of light of the Portuguese Squad. 

Of course, his name is alone is enough to shake the spine of any adversary, and one of the most secure of EURO 2020 betting tips is that he will, at the very least, strike a goal or two for the “Navegadores”. 

Rúben Dias

A product of Academia do Seixal, Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s Cantera, Rúben Dias was known, when he was still 15 years old, as a natural-born leader. Crazy competitive and eager to evolve, he paved his way through the youth teams until he arrived at the B team of Benfica, where he was the leader of a team of young, promising players, competing with the seasoned talent of the 2th Division of Portugal. 

It didn’t take long for Dias to make his debut on the A team, and it didn’t take long for him to make a statement either. All the qualities that made him shine at Manchester City were already there, brewing. Now, as the Premier League’s best player of the season, he is prone to be the steering wheel of Portugal as the 2020’s EURO develops.

Bruno Fernandes

Stunning absolutely everyone in the Portuguese League, Bruno Fernandes scored, assisted, and still made an effort to appear in lower areas of the terrain to help stabilizing the team in the seasons he represented Sporting Club de Portugal.  2018/1019 was the season for him, at least so far, when he scored an incredible 32 goals while playing in the midfield area: this man was poking holes on each and every team that had the audacity of facing him. 

Now at Manchester Utd, he managed to keep all his qualities intact, and present them at the arguably the biggest stage of European Football: the attacking midfielder scored 28 goals this season, and shone brighter than the rest of the Red Devils’ star filled squad. 

Heading for EURO 2020 as an established star, and one of the most influential players, he is bound to make a difference at this competition.


The young man had to climb up and down the mountain until he eventually conquered it. Nonetheless, anyone who has seen Liverpool knows for a fact that Jota managed to make his way into a three-man crowd that appeared to be untouchable: Sadio Mane – Firmino – Salah. In fact, he made a blazing start in, at the time, the European Champions, after stints in Paços de Ferreira, Porto, Atlético de Madrid and, finally, Wolverhampton, where he matured and showed his prowess and goal scoring abilities. 

João Félix

Everyone knows the man, and everyone expects him to stand in the middle of Haaland and Mbappe in the next decade, as they promise a brilliant quarrel for the title of the best player of the world. Arguably the reason Benfica won the 2017/2018 title, he shocked the football world with his 126 million euros’ transfer to Atletico de Madrid. Now, folks know he is underperforming, but that may just be the biggest reason as to why he can shine the brightest in this EURO: he has something to prove, and the feet to go along with it.

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