Top 6 Common Coffee Machine Mistake You should Avoid

When it comes to your cup of java, you don’t want the best. Isn’t it? Drinking coffee that tastes bad or under-brewed can ruin your entire day. Thus, you must ensure that your morning cup of joe is well-brewed, just like the one you get from a barista.

If you are serious about your coffee, you must have a coffee machine. Maybe you own an espresso machine or a Nespresso compatible pods machine, or a French Press. But the only way to make sure your coffee tastes decadent is to never make any mistakes with your coffee machine. And you use the best beans available. To use the machine in the best possible way, there are many factors which we are discussing below.

Mistake 1: Not using the right beans

Of course, the first thing that affects your coffee is the beans. If the beans are not correct, the machine will not extract the coffee properly, and your cup of joe will not taste good.

Thus, when it comes to buying coffee beans or Nespresso pods, fresh is the best. Make sure whatever coffee you get is close to their roast date because that means it is fresh. Buying from local roasters is the best way to ensure quality. When you buy from a supermarket, most likely, the quality will not be optimal, and it will be way further from the roast date, and thus, it will be stale.

Mistake 2: Do clean your machine every day

If you are not cleaning your coffee machine every day, you are making a massive mistake. Irrespective of how many times you use your coffee machine per day, clean it thoroughly at the end of the day. When making a fresh cup, take the filter paper out. Or take out the empty pod and clean the area with a dry napkin.

Also, rinse any part of the machine with water and dry cloth for all other parts that you cannot rinse. Every week, you should use a descaling powder to ensure every part of the machine is residue and germs-free.

If you are not cleaning your machine often, it will have coffee residue. That will affect the taste of your coffee.

Mistake 3: Not running the machine without coffee once

Before brewing your cup, you need to let it run with only water. It helps enhance the taste of your coffee by removing any particles of coffee. When you use the machine frequently, running plain water through the machine helps it cool down. It enhances the coffee’s taste.

Mistake 4: Not storing your beans properly

Another coffee mistake that can ruin the machine and your cup of joe is not storing the beans properly. When you buy fresh beans, storing them in the freezer or the fridge is the worst mistake. It is because it absorbs all the other smells in the freezer or the fridge, like an onion. Imagine drinking a coffee that tastes like an onion? Yuck, right?

Thus, store them in a vacuum-sealed container to ensure their quality remains the best.

Mistake 5: Looking only at one brand

When you are buying a coffee machine, one of the worst mistakes you can make is being brand loyal or blind, to be precise. When you love a brand, buying a machine from them is our first preference. However, we need to look at other brands too. There are new technologies and innovations which may be better than the brand you are looking for.

Thus, always try and experiment with a few brands before committing to buying a machine.

Mistake 6: Not tweaking the settings on their machine

When you buy a coffee machine, you set a routine, and you are afraid to change it up. However, that is not the right way to go about things. Tweaking things up can make your cup of joe even better. Experimenting with your coffee machine is essential to determine what settings work for you and what doesn’t.

Avoiding these mistakes when buying or using your coffee machine will ensure that your coffee tastes incredible. Isn’t that the goal? Try these tips, and comment below about the positive changes you experienced and enjoy your fresh brew.


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