Control your Emotions with these top 6 Stress Relief Games

If we have to look at the statistics then, the numbers are quite shocking and devatsing! That’s because the amount of stress each individual goes through on a day to day basis is insane.

Times are such where our lives are packed with tight schedules and erratic work hours and finding a proper balance between work and personal life can be challenging. 

One gets overwhelmed, overambitious, and overzealous! Stress plays a prominent role in everyone’s life but along with it we also encounter fatigue, disappointment, anger and various other negative emotions. 

There are many ways to relieve stress and cope up with our emotions. From grabbing a quick bite at your favourite restaurant to a run/ jog/ walk to yoga/meditation to reading a book, the list goes on. One common thing that we all turn to for a quick fix are mind relaxing games or stress relief games online! 

No matter where you are or what you are doing, these games always do the trick! We listed 6 such games for that help in controlling your emotions while aiding stress!

1. Candy Crush Saga

The Candy Crush Saga is one such game that still tops the charts. It is designed in such a manner that it keeps the player hooked on for hours together. With every level you cross the excitement and difficulty increases. 

But what we are still unaware of is that the game also leverages and mobilizes five human emotions- curiosity, gratification, desire, frustration and enjoyment. 

Who ever thought a mere game can do so much? Wondering how these emotions are evoked?

Say you get stuck at a certain level then, the frustration of not being able to clear it in the first few goes can frustrate you. Certain levels in the game have candies that are locked/chained with surprise candies hidden below it, this increases the curiosity levels.

The remaining three emotions, gratification, desire and enjoyment are part and parcel of this mind relaxing game. 

Fun fact: Candy Crush Saga is also great to keep stress at bay!

2. Indian Rummy 

While playing rummy, players encounter various emotions that range from one being anxious, overjoyed, angry, confused and more. This card game ensures to always keep the players alert and on their toes. 

You can’t sit back and play the game because of one uncalculated move, and you’ve let your opponent take the game to his side and we don’t want that. You never know what cards you would be dealt with. 

Sometimes, the cards work in your favour and sometimes they don’t. Under such circumstances a player goes through a series of emotions. But let’s look at the glass half full rather than half empty. 

Watch anybody who plays Indian Rummy, you’ll notice how they’ve mastered the art of controlling these emotions and not letting it overpower them. As the game requires one to be calm, focused and develops cognitive skills for the better.

3. Subway Surfers

Another game that comes to mind when you think of a stress relief game that aids emotions is Subway Surfers. You can download subway surfers mod apk if you want to play this game right now. We’ve all played this game at some point or the other in our lives or if not have heard a lot about it.

It sure falls under the category of games that act as a stress buster and there’s a reason for it. The game starts off with simple and easy to play levels that catches your attention as you get the feeling that the game is in your control but as you go on you begin to realise that it gets tough. 

Every time the cop in the game catches you, you’re left feeling disappointed. This is because you’ve covered a whole lot of distance and losing to only start over again can be a bit of a bummer. 

But the dismay does not last long as the hope of winning still lingers around with the anti-stress games.

4. Bubble Shooter 

Stress buster games also include Bubble Shooter in them. One where the players have to match at least three bubbles and clear them off the board. You also get boosters like lightning and sun bombs that help clear the entire section. 

They also help in thawing the ice blocks by cleaning them making space for new bubbles to join along. This game keeps your mind at ease helping you forget the daily mundane stress while also regulating your emotions accurately. 

Many times, during the course of the game players notice how restless and anxious they are in order to clear the bubbles as soon as possible without having to wait for the entire course to finish. This teaches us how to stay cool and calm and how patience is key!

5. Paper Toss 

Paper Toss is one of those games that you can reach out for during your recess or breaks at work. Every time you feel a little too overworked, exhausted and the urge to relax, refresh and rejuvenate kicks in then, opt to play Paper Toss. 

Not only does it relieve you from stressful situations but also helps well in controlling all of the above emotions. 

These stress relief games online offer an automatic count of balls that you have to throw into the goal. The levels are limited to 7! 

This indirectly means, the level of thrill, excitement and engrossment is soaring high, but it also ensures you to stay zen and in control to get that right shot!

6. Wordscapes 

A game that encourages players to relax while exercising their brain is, Wordscapes. A word game app where you have to find the apt words from the jumbled up words to clear levels. 

The themes that have been set in the background of this puzzle act as a stress buster while also putting you at ease with the scenic beauty. 

Mind relaxing game app that challenges you with a bunch of word searches, anagrams, crosswords and a lot more.

We hope the above mentioned mind relaxing games are beneficial for you too! Give them a shot and enjoy your time off being stress free yet in control of yourself and your emotions. 

There is a whole of such games out there, but these 6 stress relief games top our charts and excel on the leader boards!


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