Top 7 Documents From Auto Accidents to Show Your Lawyer

So you’ve been in an auto accident and need to take your case to court…what could be worse? Beyond your injuries, you’re likely stressed out and wondering how you can improve your chances of winning your case. What can you present to your lawyer to do so?

Fortunately, providing certain documents from auto accidents can increase their knowledge of the situation and strengthen your case. There are several submissions you may need; do you know what they are?

1. Photos and Videos

Once you’ve been in an accident, it’s a best practice to take detailed photos and videos of the accident to accurately depict the damage to you and your property and all other parties involved.

To ensure that your photos can be used as evidence for this accident, be sure to have them timestamped or save the original files so that you can view their metadata, such as the time and date that the image was taken; and sometimes even the location!

2. Written Account

While you may be confident in your ability to provide a verbal account of exactly what happened, it’s best to write everything down. A written account can demonstrate to your auto accident lawyer your recollection of what happened without having to rely on memory alone.

By writing everything out, you’ll be sure to address all factors of your case and injuries and not have to worry about forgetting to say something.

3. Witness Statements

Statements from witnesses are key in winning an auto-accident case. These individuals can explain and recount what happened (the who, what, where, and when) and are often bipartisan. An eyewitness statement can sometimes be the main source of evidence in determining who exactly was at fault in a case.

4. Police Report

At the scene of the accident, the responding officer will often be taking notes, inspecting vehicles, and documenting the collision scene. A summary of their investigation is what makes up the police report.

After an accident, you should be sure to obtain a copy of your police report, either online or by contacting the local law enforcement station.

5. Insurance Information

If possible, you should provide your lawyer with the insurance information of all parties involved. Be sure to list insurance providers, the names of the insured, and policy numbers.

6. Medical Records

Be sure to keep a detailed account of your medical records from your injuries, as they serve to be valuable evidence, no matter how severe.

If you suffer a substantial injury, such as loss of limbs, you should select a lawyer specializing in that area. For instance, an amputation injury lawyer may best suited for your unique situation.

7. Paystubs

If you had to miss work or were placed on disability due to injuries you sustained, be sure to share your paystubs from that time period with your lawyer. This can be useful in substantiating lost wages in your case.

Remember To Provide All Documents from Auto Accidents!

Auto accident injuries can be severe, and you want to win your case. To set your lawyer up for success, make sure to gather all these documents from auto accidents as soon as possible. You’ll be glad that you did!

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