Top 7 Mac Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

There’s a reason why Apple sold roughly eighteen million Mac computers each year. The uniform nature of Mac’s operating system makes it both easy and convenient to use.

However, even if you’re a Mac expert there might be some things about your computer that you don’t know. In this article, we’ll reveal seven Mac tips and tricks to make your life easier when using your computer. Ready to become a Mac wizard? Let’s get started!

  1. Sign Documents With Your Mac

If you’ve ever had to scan your signature into your Mac, then you know what a pain it can be. It requires you to print out a form, sign it, then scan it back into the computer.

The good news is that there are two different ways that you can make signature signing easier. The first way is by taking a picture of it. To do this first open up the document you need to be signed in the Preview app. Then, select the ‘Create Signature from Built-in iSight’ by clicking on the pen symbol in the right corner of the screen.

iSight refers to the built-in webcam that comes with your Mac computer. All you need to do is sign your name on a white, blank piece of paper, then hold it up to the camera.

Once you align it properly, then the Mac will copy it onto the screen. Then, click ‘Accept’ to save the signature. Alternatively, you can also hit the ‘Markup’ option to write your signature manually using your mouse or trackpad.

The only problem with this option is it’s difficult to make a clean signature. So, it might not look perfect.

  1. Don’t Forget Spotlight

Spotlight is a convenient feature that many Mac users accidentally ignore. One thing its great fort is quick calculations and currency conversion. To open it simply click the magnifying found in the left corner of the menu bar.

To use the calculator simply type the equation into the search bar. When you hit search the screen will show you the answer. To use the currency conversion feature simply type a cash amount like $500 into Spotlight.

When you hit search your Mac will bring up different conversion rates from different countries.

  1. Record Your Screen

To record a video or tutorial on your make open the QuickTime player that comes with your device. Then, go to the ‘Application’ folder and select open.

Once you do this you can choose ‘File’ and hit ‘New screen recording’. This will allow you to record everything that’s on your screen, including sound.

  1. Turn Off Sleep Mode on Your Mac

Sleep mode is intended to save battery power when you’re away from your Mac computer. However, if you’re performing certain functions, like drawing something, reading, or watching a video, then it can get annoying. The easiest option is to go to ‘System Preferences’ and activate the ‘Energy Saver’ mode.

Once there you will see a slider that says ‘Turn display off after x minutes’. Simply move this slider to the maximum length. If you want to learn the other ways to turn off sleep mode Mac, then check out this article here.

  1. Run Windows On Your Apple Device

One major drawback with Mac devices is that you can’t run Windows programs. But is this true? In reality, there are some shortcuts you can take to access these types of programs. To do this find the ‘Utilities’ folder within Applications.

Then, find a program called Boot Camp. In essence, this partitions your hard drive into Windows and Mac options. You will need to decide how you allocate the storage on your device between these two options.

Once you decide, click ‘Partition’ to begin the process. Once you restart your computer your Mac will ask you for a Windows installation CD or access code.

If you haven’t bought one at this point, then you will need to. When installing it choose the portion of your hard drive that you partitioned off for it. Now, whenever you start up your Mac simply hit the ‘Option’ button to switch between Mac and Window programs.

  1. Merge Your Finder Windows

If you’ve ever tried to manage your files on a Mac before, then you know the pain of too many Finder windows being open. However, there’s a simple solution for dealing with this problem.

Simply, click the ‘Windows’ option found in the menu bar. Then, click the option that says ‘Merge all windows’. This will consolidate your Finder windows into little tabs within one window.

  1. Make Your Desktop Folders Into Emojis

Want a creative way to make your desktop folders more memorable? Then turn them into emojis. To do this, click the ‘File’, then ‘New folder’ option to create a folder on your Mac. Then, find the emoji that you want using a simple Google search.

Save the image to your desktop and then double-click on it. This will open it in preview mode. Now, make the image transparent by clicking the ‘Markup’ feature, then clicking on the background.

Once a moving outline appears click ‘Edit’, then ‘Cut’. Click the markup icon again. Drag a box around the emoji. Then, click ‘Edit’, ‘Select all’, and ‘Copy’. Then, right-click on the original folder that you made.

Click the ‘Get info’ option. Once you click the blue folder click ‘Command + V’ or paste. The emoji should appear on the folder.

Enjoy These Mac Tips? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn more about some Mac tips and tricks that you might have not known. Whether it’s using Spotlight more or running Windows programs on your device, there are always more ways to make your Mac experience more efficient.

So, learn them all today so you can save time and headspace when using your computer. Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep exploring to find more topics that you’re sure to love!


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