Top 7 Ways to Use Instagram Shopping to Your Advantage       

According to sources, Instagram Shop features, which were launched in 2019, are continually being updated on the app UI to provide a favorable consumer user journey on the site.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media networks among Millennials, has been evolving and succeeding since its debut.

Instagram is a visually appealing platform that has kept up with technological advancements and feature additions. As a result of these improvements, the channel now has over a billion active monthly users and millions of active companies.

Instagram Shop is one such growing product that is transforming the social media landscape and its usability for e-commerce firms, influencers, and others.

What Exactly Is an Instagram Shop?

Instagram shop enables companies or business accounts to convert their Instagram posts into shoppable posts, allowing customers to buy things in real-time right from the posts.

It is a feature that assists in converting the point of inspiration into the point of sale and shortening the buyer experience to make it quick, straightforward, and simple. Users create a desire to buy based on the product images they see on Instagram.

How to Get Instagram Shopping Approval?

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  • Before you can activate Instagram Shopping, you must first confirm that your company meets a few requirements.
  • Your company is in a supported market where Instagram Shopping is possible.
  • Check the list to be sure.
  • You provide tangible, qualifying goods for sale.
  • Your company abides by Instagram’s seller’s agreement and commerce eligibility requirements.
  • Your eCommerce website is owned by your company.
  • You have an Instagram business profile. Don’t worry if your account is set up as a personal profile; changing your settings to business is simple.

Top 7 Ways to Use Instagram Shopping to Your Advantage

1.   Product Discoverability Is Simple

It occurs to all of us when we come over a product that piques our interest on social media. However, there is no link or direction as to where we may purchase it, and we are unable to locate the goods anywhere.

However, with the Instagram store, users can easily find things by clicking on shoppable tags and exploring the information and price of the products in real-time before making a purchase choice.

2.   Genuine Promotion

Nowadays, people prefer to trust the authenticity and depend on user-generated content over sponsored material when making online purchases. To do this, you may create a more trustworthy buying environment by combining all relevant UGC posts with shoppable tags to create an Instagram shop.

It will also aid in creating a genuine image of the product, including how people are using it, aesthetic aspects, and feedback. This, in turn, can aid in the development of brand advocacy as well as sales.

3.   Sales Are Generated via Visual Marketing

The use of compelling graphics and videos to attract and engage customers and drive them to conversions is known as visual marketing.

This gadget appears to be a new-age marketing tool. This is due to the fact that graphics are proven to be more interesting to consumers. According to studies, 85 percent of users are more inclined to purchase your items after seeing a video.

You may employ graphics to make shoppable posts on Instagram, which can lead to greater sales.

4.   Influencer Marketing Possibility

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Setting up an Instagram business is an excellent way to take advantage of Instagram influencer marketing. As previously said, influencer marketing was primarily concerned with raising brand recognition and increasing exposure or reach.

Previously, people learned about your brand and a tiny percentage of them interacted with it. However, you can now incorporate Instagram shop into influencer marketing content to try directly driving purchases with a bigger impact in terms of company outcomes and sales.

5.   Buyer Journey is Simpler, Quicker, and Shorter

What exactly irritates people in an online commerce environment? Prolonged, exhausting, and complicated purchasing and checkout processes.

Instagram Shop currently tackles this issue by allowing customers to purchase things fast and easily with a few clicks and a short amount of time. A shorter purchase path with simple checkout draws more leads and conversion chances, hence solving the issue of cart abandonment.

Ecommerce firms often invest much in the optimization of checkout and buying process testing, but the Instagram store can assist you in this regard.

6.   Increased Sales and Engagement

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Now comes the most important and major goal that the Instagram store provides for every brand: greater user interaction and sales.

Every brand’s marketing strategy is primarily focused on increasing sales and income. Converting Instagram photos into shoppable posts may help customers rapidly transform their buy intent into action.

When interested users click on the shoppable posts, they receive all of the product data, and the new user experience opens with product details, descriptions, and other relevant goods, increasing engagement.

Furthermore, having shoppable tags allows customers to make real-time purchases that would otherwise involve a significant amount of work and time.

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7.   Overall Customer Service

Finally, the Instagram shop strives to provide consumers with an optimal consumer experience by updating and renewing features on the App UI.

Customer experience is critical in eCommerce since it directly connects to brand image and loyalty, as well as the completion of the marketing funnel.


Consumers in the digital era want simple and great online experiences. The Instagram store tries to do this by bringing the shop to the users rather than the users going to the business.

This tool enables your brand to use the power of social media to increase brand exposure, engagement, and, most importantly, conversion and sales.

Now that you’re aware of the advantages, test it for yourself to discover what potential it has for your brand! If you want to further improve your reach.


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