Top 8 Creative and Fun Employee Recognition Ideas to Try

Here’s a stat that no employer wants to hear: thirty-four percent of employees don’t feel valued at work. Worse, the stats are higher for black and Latino employees.

To keep this number from growing, we’re giving bosses some fun employee recognition ideas. So read on!

1. Employee Recognition Companies

First of all, what is employee recognition? Bonusly defines it as an expression of appreciation of another employee.

This appreciation does not need to be expressed by employees only, however. If anyone recognizes a job well done by another employee, they can reward them with bonus points.

Once an employee earns enough bonus points, they can trade them for rewards like gift cards or prizes. Try an employee recognition platform with reward programs like Blueboard, Nector, and Assembly.

2. Public Acknowledgment

How often do your employees or co-workers go above and beyond in hardly noticeable ways? Despite their quiet humility, give employees a shout-out in your weekly meetings or emails.

3. Ask for Their Opinions

Out of all the employee recognition ideas, this one’s great for new employees. Early on, they’re still acclimating to a new office environment.

It could be as simple as calling on them for feedback in meetings. Or you could ask their opinion on how to rearrange the furniture in the newly-refurbished foyer.

4. Treat Them to Lunch

Do you know that new restaurant in town? Go check it out with your employees!

Not only is it a welcome reprieve from work, but it’s a great way to bond with the team and see them in a new context.

5. Write a Letter

Even in the digital age, hand-written notes have not lost their charm.

There’s something about receiving a physical letter that warms the heart of everyone. This is because it’s more personalized and takes more effort than an ordinary email.

6. Send a Package

Who doesn’t like gifts? Employee recognition gifts will keep your employees smiling for days. It doesn’t even have to be extravagant.

If you happen to know their favorite kind of flower or chocolate, send them their way.

7. Showcase Their Typical Day

Employees feel appreciated when their boss takes the time to understand their life daily.

Craft a short story for your newsletter or website so your star employees can shine. You might even learn a thing or two about employees going above and beyond!

8. Pay for Career Development

You want to set up your team for success. Sometimes, however, employees jump into jobs with little confidence.

That’s why you can show appreciation by paying for career development classes. Their confidence will skyrocket in no time.

Try These Fun Employee Recognition Ideas

No one wants their hard work to go unnoticed, no matter how humble they are. Hopefully, this list of fun employee recognition ideas will get the ball rolling. Make goals to try a few of these every month and see how the energy in the office changes. You can give the motivation to the employee in many ways such as employee gift cards.

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