Top Instagram Fashion Influencers You Must Start Following

nfluencer marketing is present in almost every industry. There are many, however, a few areas where top influencers can genuinely claim to have influenced and transformed the lives of their fans. Design is among the super-niches where uber-influencers may have a big effect mostly on the industry’s overall path.

Of course, fashion preferences are notoriously arbitrary, and it’s doubtful that you’ll like any piece of clothing on our list. Most fashionistas are aware of the kinds of trends they enjoy and have identified favorite influencers that endorse styles that are in line with their personal preferences. The fashion industry is changing at a very great pace, and if you are a fashion enthusiast, you must keep up with that. With the availability of social media, it has become much easier to see and learnfrom experts across the globe. 

Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) 

Chiara Ferragni, the face behind The Blonde Salad, is among the most well-known faces in fashion blogging. Ferragni’s blog, which she launched in 2009 as an opportunity to distribute personal inspiration, has since developed into an $8 million business. Chiara introduced her own shoe brand, Chiara Ferragni Collection, comparable to other Instagrammers that sought bigger business projects. Her Instagram account, @theblondesalad, serves as a visual diary of her individual tastes, featuring lifestyle, travel, as well as fashion material. Among many others, the Italian blogger is the voice of Lancôme and Pantene.

Want Show As Young

Allow this 80-year-old Taiwanese pair to demonstrate how to smash the internet in style. On the request of their grandson Reef Chang (also their unofficial stylist), laundry store owners Chang Wan-ji and Hsu Sho-er agreed to dress in clothes left behind from the talk to the people this year. What began as a friendly idea to pass the time developed into instant Instagram stars for the octogenarians.


Doesmybumlook40 is a valuable source of fashion advice for women of her generation, as is her blog of the very same name. She shares her appreciation of retro western styles and her enthusiasm for incorporating a few staple items into her closet, including biker jackets, boots, leather skirts, and just a hint of leather, to create a collection to end up dying for.

Kat has been a major force in the social media as well as fashion worlds by delivering frequent outfit motivation. She now has 104k followers on Instagram and is starting to gain attention from the fashion industry. She was recently invited to the Lady of the Year Lunch and also has partnered with Liz Earle and Robert Welch, among others.

David Gandy

It’s an opportunity to travel David Gandy’s almost 1 million followers on Instagram if you haven’t already. The British model is indeed a legend in the industry as well as someone who any man can follow on social media. On David’s famous website, you’ll find amazing luxurious cars and photos of his dog, Dora, in addition to lots of impressive apparel.

Karlmond Tang

Mr. Boy, a men’s clothing blogger, stylist, celebrity, and social media strategist, is known for his quirky street style and original images. Tang, 23, wears suspenders over even a white shirt, rolls up his trousers to expose his bright socks, and combines trainers with high-end fashion, mostly on the streets of his hometown London. His casual wardrobe consists of a combination of traditional items such as a finely fitted navy blue top, statement print trousers, and accessories.


Fashiononthe4thfloor is a relative newcomer to the social media scene, having first appeared on Instagram in 2015 and continuing to make massive strides toward Instagram fame.

Diane, 46, strode onto the stage with the assurance of someone who has been doing it for years, as well as her stunning sense of style is admired by fashion designers worldwide.

Diane has a keen eye for designing chic and perfectly practical clothes, and she pairs clothes together, and it is completely practical day-to-day and quickly replicable, Animedao Safe which can only help her when she climbs the social media ladder.

Colin Gold

Colin Gold becomes the half of TheTrendSpotter, a top internet fashion publication created by a young couple. Together with his partner, Dasha, he has created an amazing Instagram feed full of stunning scenery and fashion. Colin is often pictured sporting the latest up-to-date fashion designs in the most incredible places while traveling around the world.Well, in order to strengthen your fashion game on Instagram, you can follow these trendsetters but also need some other strategies. You can also buy IG likes online and make your profile much more credible so you can get more followers. Well, first, you need to follow these fashion bloggers on Instagram and start watching their every post so you can know what’s going across the industry. We hope you get to the next level with the help of these IG accounts.


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