Top Interior Design Trends 2021

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a defining year in the way we view our homes.

With the shutters down on the outside world, we all had to carve out new lives indoors. Our once cozy sanctuaries became cramped workspaces, homeschooling classrooms, and makeshift gyms. But, spending so much time at home forced us to start questioning everything from our paint color choices to our neglected backyards.

Now the world is finally opening up again, it feels like a great time to seek interior design advice and embrace new looks.

But, what are the top interior design trends 2021 has to offer? Keep reading to find out how to bring your home into this year.

Modern Maximalism

A key rule of interior design is to make your space feel personal and unique to you above all else. But one of the top trends in home decor 2021 takes it one step further with the free-spirited offering of modern maximalism.

Many of us are done trying to please others by turning our homes beige and white blank canvases that future potential buyers can see themselves in. Now, we want to live in our homes. And for many of us, that means keeping the clutter and throwing all ideas of going minimal out the window. A window draped with brocade curtains and framed with an ornate cornice board, that is.

Here, eclectic, bohemian-inspired mix and match looks full of foreign trips and nostalgic whimsy rule. But, that’s not to say that anything goes. Instead, you’ll need to ground more adventurous items with unifying tones and concepts as a way of pulling everything together.

Organic Shapes

A year spent indoors had us all craving a glimpse of the natural world and the imperfect beauty it offers. This may be why organic decor in the form of rocky lamp bases, tree trunk coffee tables, and curved furniture is a key feature of interior design advice 2021.

Home decor tips recommend this subtle trend for muted, neutral spaces. In particular, it works well within contemporary design and minimal styling. That said, organic shapes also offer the perfect contrast to original features such as wooden floors and panels. Either way, you’ll notice how organic forms and lines bring a new sense of calm to your space, as well as the natural beauty you crave.

Multifunctional Outdoor Space

While you can sell your house ‘as is’ on webuyhousesmemphistn.com, bringing out your backyard’s potential as a multifunctional space is a great way to get more use out of it while your home is still yours. And, you might also increase its value at the same time.

Before you might have only used your backyard for a few months in the summer. But now, more and more people are using their outdoor space to connect with nature and entertain friends. This makes updates such as adding decking, a pergola, an outdoor seating area, or planting trees and flowers high up on the home decor advice 2021 list. Although, for those of you with the space, swimming pools are top of almost everyone’s agenda.

Natural Materials

If you’re not lucky enough to have an outdoor space, interior design advice experts note how natural materials are a great way to bring the outdoors in.

Wicker and rattan furniture, for example, is set to be a huge decor trend for 2021, especially for bedrooms and living rooms. As well as feeling more unique than wooden side tables and nightstands, rattan and wicker versions add warmth and lightness to your interior as well as a hint of the natural world. You may also want to look into getting an internal oak door too, especially for the winter months as oak is a great insulator.

Sisal and jute carpets and rugs are also gaining popularity. People are looking to these natural fabrics for extra warmth in bedrooms where wooden floors can sometimes feel too cold or too drafty. But, these natural materials are also durable and natural, making them a great alternative to synthetic carpets and rugs.

Likewise, interior design advice 2021 updates show that natural fabrics such as wool, organic cotton, and eucalyptus silk are big draws for people seeking instant textile updates that don’t have as much of a negative impact on the environment as synthetic fabrics.

Yellow and Gray

We’ve covered most of the main design trends for the coming year, but what colors should we be reaching for to give our richmond interiors a home decor 2021 update?

According to Pantone, yellow and gray are the colors of the year. In an unusual twist, the color institute chose both the zesty yellow ‘Illuminating’ and the pale and muted ‘Ultimate Gray’ for their colors of 2021.

These two very different yet complementary colors highlight how different elements come together to symbolize our post-pandemic world. While sunshine yellow uplifts our spirits and gives us hope, muted gray brings calm and peace to the changing landscape of our society. This duality also feels fitting for our homes, where we bring together different concepts, rooms, and uses depending on everything from our mood to the activity we’re doing.

As for how to incorporate them into your home, that’s up to you of course! But, if you’re looking for interior design advice, we’d suggest that yellow works well for rustic kitchens, vintage-style powder rooms, and sprawling family rooms. And pale gray is ideal for serene living rooms, elegant dining spaces, and spa-style bathrooms. Or, you could add a yellow bedspread, a gray vase, or a yellow and gray lampshade into the mix for an instant nod to 2021.

The Top Interior Design Trends 2021

Now you’re up to date on the top interior design trends 2021 has to offer, it’s clear to see how living through a pandemic has changed our perception of home.

These days, our homes can and must be whatever we want them to be – which is why it’s so important to consider how to make home decor tips like these fit your own tastes, needs, and preferences.

Looking after your home is a big job. Luckily, we’re here to help! For more DIY tips and homemaking advice, be sure to check out our other blog posts!


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