Guide for Newlyweds: The Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations in Morocco






Wow, I can spot that smile on your face, while you’re searching for honeymoon destinations? Whether you’re a newlywed or a loving couple with kids, you will never get bored of spending time with your loved one, right?

If you’re planning for a honeymoon destination to enjoy your holidays, then this guide is for you! Here we are going to discuss the beautiful place which will be a fantastic spot for couples? Yes, it is Morocco.

Morocco has plenty of destinations, as well as, a comfy and luxurious honeymoon hotel in Rabat which will definitely make your honeymoon an amazing & unforgettable one. From vast beaches, private islands, and shopping malls, this place has to offer more than what you can imagine.

To make your honeymoon trip a stress-free, relaxed one, here we are going to narrow down the list of top honeymoon destinations in Morocco and the best places to stay in Morocco.


Do you know that the meeting point of a desert can also start in the ocean? Wondering, right? To see this amazing thing, you need to visit Dakhla. It can give you an extraordinary view of the sea from one side and sandy deserts on the other. In deserts, you can find more resorts that can offer you a short stay with amazing services like restaurants, spas, and bars. To make your honeymoon an adventurous one, you can try kitesurfing or you can take your loved one for a romantic trip by taking a boat and sailing into the sea for non-stop 3 hours. It would be too romantic, right? Yes, definitely!


If you’re fond of nightlife, lights, and camping, then Marrakech is the right place that can make your honeymoon a remarkable one. By providing a safe, private, and friendly environment for holidaymakers, this place attracts more couples and families. By camping here, you can enjoy riding on camel-back, cooking, playing in sand dunes, and so on. You can explore the beauty of Marrakech by enjoying a desert motorcycle together with your beloved one. You can also find more boutique hotels in Marrakech Morocco in every nook and corner.


Featured as the most beautiful and romantic spot, Agadir provides a breathtaking view of blue beaches and sandy deserts. You can spend your time with your loved one by taking a sunbath on the beaches or by taking a walk on the beach. Further, this place also has bar lounges and boutique hotels where you can take some refreshment drinks and also have a fantastic candlelight dinner.

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If you’re staying in hotels in Rabat, then you can reach Taghazout by taking a taxi. Here you can enjoy village scenery with white sandy beaches and luxury hotels. You can also try out your favorite cuisines while enjoying the beauty of the sunset. By booking your stay in any of the resorts nearby Taghazout, you can enjoy your romantic trip with your loved one with a view of beaches and clear blue sea. You can have a walk on the shore by holding hand in hand. What could be more romantic than this, right? Make sure to add this destination to your bucket list!


As we all know, Blue shades are considered to be the best color to cool and rejuvenate your mind. Just imagine, how it could be if the whole city is replaced with white houses of blue shades? Nice, right! That’s the blue city in Morocco called Chefchaouen. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset while enjoying the local cuisines and street foods with your loved one.

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Plan your Honeymoon Trip from now on!

Whether you’re a newlywed couple or going to exchange your rings soon, make sure to plan your honeymoon from now on! Because the place you choose to visit to enjoy your honeymoon is the most important. Outweighing all the features, Morocco will be the right choice which will definitely make your days more romantic!

Discuss with your loved one and plan your visit to Morocco. I assure you that you will definitely love to spend your time in the desert by counting the stars in the blue sky by holding your beloved’s hand. Make as much as romantic moments with your partner and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest!

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