Top Signs Your Commercial Fridge Needs Replacement

Interesting fact: Six percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by food waste.

If you’re in the food and hotel industry and you’ve managed to keep your business operational, congratulations. This is an impressive milestone, and you should always celebrate. Unfortunately, working in the food industry is not easy. Also you can prefer cold rooms because it keep products inside at the required low temperature and also it is safe for your products.

Chances are you’re familiar with the challenges and pressure associated with running a business, raising enough money to make payroll, and fighting to remain relevant in a very competitive industry.

But with time, you may experience the malfunction of essential items like your commercial fridge due to the normal wear and tear. But how can you differentiate between minor problems that can be resolved and complete malfunction that requires a commercial fridge replacement? You can visit this to know about commercial fridge repair.

Read on below for the tell-tale signs that you need to replace your commercial fridge:

Build-Up of Frost

Commercial refrigerators are not cheap, and replacing one could lead to a substantial loss for your business. However, if you notice frost suddenly nipping out of your fridge, it could indicate that the refrigerator isn’t cooling your food correctly. Food that isn’t cooling properly could quickly go bad, leaving you with only one option; throwing it out.

Anyone in the food business knows that throwing out food accounts for a significant loss in the business. Fortunately, regular maintenance could help you take care of the frost build-up issue temporarily as you prepare yourself to buy a new refrigerator.

However, if you notice that you keep calling professionals to repair your fridge often, it may be time to replace it. Replacement helps you avoid the cost of repair that could add up quickly.

Water Puddles Near the Fridge

This is one of the most ignored signs by restaurant owners. However, if you or your staff members are constantly cleaning up water puddles around your commercial fridge, something could be very wrong.

There are numerous reasons why your commercial fridge could be leaking. Some of which include; a clogged drainage hose, full evaporator pan, or a malfunctioning gasket. Once you notice a leakage, ensure you contact a professional to help you pinpoint the issue.

However, if all these parts are functioning correctly and you’re still experiencing leakages, the issue could be with the entire refrigerator. This means that you will need a replacement very soon.

Your Food Keeps Spoiling

Have you noticed a foul smell coming from your refrigerator every time you open it? Does food go bad often, even when you place it in the fridge on time? Food spoiling could indicate that the refrigerator is not cooling correctly.

While meats, fish, and plant-based foods are perishable, putting them in your fridge should automatically extend their lifespan. When these foods are not stored under cool temperatures, it’s easy to go bad, leading to unexpected losses.

If your food keeps spoiling in the fridge, the problem often stems from the cooling system. Another significant sign of cooling system malfunction is a silent compressor. If you no longer hear the compressor running, it could be time to replace your fridge.

A running compressor produces a humming sound when the fridge is functioning efficiently. However, a great way to keep your fridge working optimally is by cleaning it every three months.

The Commercial Fridge Is Too Loud

There is a bigger difference between commercial refrigerators and residential ones. For example, a commercial fridge will make more noise than a residential one. Therefore, it’s normal to hear your commercial fridge making its usual humming sounds.

However, be on the lookout for clinking noises that don’t sound like the usual fridge hum. Clinking sounds could indicate an underlying problem with your condenser fan or the motor. In most cases, the fan is clogged with debris and dust particles, making it difficult to run without making a clicking sound.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. Check the fan for any debris, and remove anything that’s blocking it from working efficiently. However, before attempting to solve the problem, ensure that you turn off the fridge entirely and shut off the power supply to be safe.

But if the clinking sounds are still there, call a professional to check out the fridge. They will be better positioned to help you figure out the problem and find the best possible solution.

The Fridge Is Too Old

The age of a commercial refrigerator can’t be used as a sure tell-tale sign that it needs replacement. That’s because the lifespan of a commercial fridge depends on its model, size, and maintenance. In most cases, the lifespan of a commercial fridge ranges between 10-17 years.

A great way to determine if your fridge is too old and needs a replacement is to consider the number of repairs. Do you constantly need to call in a professional to repair your fridge for different malfunctions? If so, it’s time to consider purchasing a new commercial refrigerator.

While it’s understandable that commercial fridge replacement is quite expensive, so is the cost of constantly repairing your old and worn-out fridge. The repair costs could quickly add up, making it more practical to buy a new fridge instead of operating a broken one.

However, it’s easy to keep your fridge running efficiently and increase its lifespan with proper maintenance. You can do this by scheduling annual commercial fridge maintenance.

A professional fridge technician will test your hinges, monitor the temperature, confirm the refrigerant levels, and unclog any drain lines. If you’re looking for a reputable commercial refrigerator expert Click now to book an appointment.

Now You Know When To Replace Your Commercial Fridge

Running a business isn’t easy, especially in today’s competitive markets. And every once in a while, you will find yourself replacing appliances such as a bad fridge. However, buying a new commercial fridge for your business shouldn’t be an impulsive decision.

But if you keep facing the same issues over and over, it could be time to pull the plug and consider buying a new one. Facing the same problems with your commercial fridge could hurt the quality of your food and ultimately harm your business.

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