Top tips to promote services as a business mentor

Are you offering your business mentoring services to small and medium-sized businesses? Think of yourself as a business mentor with an interesting background story. Make friends with business owners who are starting out and show them how to make their businesses thrive. You could have multiple offers that help businesses grow. This article shows ways you can promote your business mentoring services.

We will look for examples of how to pivot a business like mentoring.

Here are practical tips for establishing yourself as a business mentor:

Promoting your services as a business mentor

  • Look for opportunities to provide expert testimonials or quotes for other people’s websites and publications. This will help you establish your credibility in your industry.
  • Develop a presence on LinkedIn by joining relevant groups, adding recommendations and writing articles to share your ideas and experience with a wider audience.
  • Share your expertise via video channels like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. These channels will allow you to showcase your speaking skills plus provide useful resources for potential clients.
  • Generate leads by offering free consultations to potential clients via services like Skype or Google Hangouts. These short calls will allow you to demonstrate how you work with clients while also giving you an opportunity to assess their needs and determine if they’re a good fit for your services.
  • Build relationships before you pitch your services. This is especially important if you’re hoping to court bigger clients, like mid-size businesses or corporations. Be active in the community and make connections in advance so that when it comes time to talk about your services, you will not catch them by surprise
  • Make sure they know what they’re signing up for. By providing a detailed proposal that includes all relevant details, including any training courses or materials they’ll receive, you can set clear expectations from the beginning and reduce the risk of misunderstandings later on.

If you’re a mentor, you might be in the position of needing to market yourself and your business. You may have a website for your own services, but you may also need to promote yourself on social media accounts. How can you do this effectively?

Treat it like any other marketing: Be sure you have a solid message, then put that message out there and keep at it until people respond. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Use visual elements that stand out. Include a strong image as part of your profile picture, or even just as a background image in one of your posts. Make sure it matches your message — if you’re trying to convey professionalism, don’t use an image with a cartoon character or clip art.

Post often enough that people will see your updates without driving them crazy by posting too frequently. Aim for around once every five days on Facebook and Twitter, and once every 10 days on Instagram (if appropriate). Even if you don’t get the response, you want right away, it’s better to keep the conversation going.


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