Trails Carolina Alumni Program: Helping Families Bond Together

Trails Carolina has launched the 2022 Family Support Program for their Wilderness Therapy alumni. The program aims to provide parents with ongoing support and education even after their child has graduated from the program. These family support offerings are aimed at helping previous students and their families have the best chance at continued success. 

Staff at Trails Carolina have found the Alumni Program to be a beneficial experience for the once enrolled families. It helps parents feel what the community is like and, in turn, offers a space for them to share their thoughts and feelings on life after the program.

Bi-Monthly Support For Parents Whose Students Graduate From The Wilderness Program

It can sometimes feel like a lot to handle trying to retain everything they’ve learned and put it into practice when their child comes home. After all, the brain will only hold onto so much. 

Trails Carolina completely understands and empathizes with it. The team of expert staff knows the importance of continuous support after students graduate from their therapeutic wilderness programs.

While the family program lays a strong foundation for greatness after the wilderness experience, engaging with the alumni community can strengthen that foundation. 

Continuous Positive Development

Trails Carolina’s experienced staff facilitates the program’s activities. During this time, parents can meet up and share the resources they’ve found particularly helpful with other families. In the end, this is the main goal, to help build up families in any way they can. 

Erin Cantalini, a Trails Carolina Family Coach, points out that the calls are particularly rewarding when parents with children at different stages of the program join in on the discussion. It presents countless opportunities for sharing life experiences and things they’ve learned.

These conversations create a sense of community for parents, which ultimately increases former students’ success rates by helping the family unit understand how to best help their loved ones.

The Current Scheduled 2022 Alumni Sessions

Different staff members will headline the 2022 alumni support events throughout the year. So far, Trails Carolina has hosted one event:

March 2nd, 2022: Tips for Finishing the School Year Strong

As the weather breaks and spring begins to roll in, students in North Carolina become excited about the end of the school year. While anticipation is a great emotion to harness, finishing the school year strong makes a considerable difference in students’ emotional and mental states. 

This session focused on how parents can help their kids acknowledge the excitement and use it to fuel the end-of-year projects. Through the tips discussed during the meeting, families can help their children finish on a high note, decreasing their anxiety about the new school year. 

While that event was a huge success, there is much more to come, including the following three scheduled events:

May 4th, 2022: Staying Engaged During the Summer

If March was about finishing strong, then May is all about the summer on the Trails Carolina Alumni Program. 

Despite the unbridled excitement students feel as the school year draws to a close, the summer months often present challenges. After all, they’ve been learning for months upon months and risk forgetting crucial tidbits in a much shorter period.

During this session, parents find (and share) ideas on keeping their children engaged on crucial topics throughout the summer. Staff will explain that it isn’t about recreating school but ensuring vital knowledge stays “locked in.”

August 10th, 2022: Creating Healthy Habits Around School

Maintaining healthy habits makes life easier for everybody, especially students. Everything from making time to study to regularly exercising to eating a balanced diet will help school and home life run smoother.

It’s often harder to keep healthy habits when they go home after participating in the Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program. So, this 2022 alumni session aims to give parents tips and tricks on reassessing habits to ensure these habits stick around. 

This August might be the first time their children are returning to their old school for new alumni, making this session vital.

November 2nd, 2022: Presence Over Perfection

The final event scheduled so far in Trails Carolina’s 2022 Alumni Program will highlight the importance of families being there for each other rather than trying to be perfect. 

Staff at Trails Carolina will frame the conversations around the vital mindset switch from perfection to presence. If parents implement the advice received on the day, they can feel the full benefits of being “in the moment” with their children. And, of course, they’ll notice the positive impacts reflected in the students. 

Giving Hope to Students and Families Beyond Wilderness Graduation

The Trails Carolina Alumni Program receives countless accolades from independent online studies, reviewers, and parents. Trails Carolina plans on continuing this program and hopes to continue helping the families and students live happy, fulfilling lives.

The University of Arkansas conducted a five-year study on alumni involved in this wilderness course Trails Carolina. The outcome was phenomenal, with 92% of the families seeing significant behavioral improvements in their children within a year of graduating.


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