Treatment Offered by the Rehabilitation Center

The rehabilitation center works for your betterment. They offer complete detoxification to you with the best possible program. There are several programs offered for your complete care and betterment. Some of the essential programs are mentioned below, as you can see here:

Short term residential treatment:

This program gives you intensive treatment, which is short compared to the normal procedure. This program is designed for alcohol or drug addict patients, But nowadays, patients are treated with other disorders apart from this category. Therefore, this treatment gives you the choice of relapse once the patient leaves the residential setting.

Long term residential treatment

As the category itself suggests, it takes time to recover the patients. This category is a model for home-based rehabilitation. This process is done in low methods, then slowly increasing its level. This plane takes more than 8 months, nearly one year.

Group counseling

Many rehabilitation centers offer you this treatment to capitalize on peer discussion social reinforcement and help promote drug-free lifestyles. Group therapy is either offered in conjunction with individualized drug counseling or is formatted to reflect the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy or contingency management, and positive outcomes are achieved.

Individual drug counseling.

This counseling not only focuses on reducing or stopping your regular use of drugs or alcohol. It helps you to your level to research your well-being, employment status, illegal activity, and family/social relations. The content and structure of the individual counseling program help you build back your confidence and gain your personality. You can visit Edgewood for counseling programs and other types of treatment.

Outpatient treatment program

Outpatient treatment offers you varieties in the types and the quality of services offered. These are economical as you can attend them either from home or from a center. These are more suitable for people with jobs or extensive social support. Outpatients are more suitable with pills than motivational speech or education methods, but this program model follows group counseling.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy helps perform everyday activities such as eating, dressing, brushing one’s teeth, completing school activities, and working. It is all about caring for oneself and performing daily tasks and extra-curricular activities. Additionally, its primary goal is to encourage people to participate in activities they like and want to pursue later independently in their lives.

Physical therapy

This kind of therapy is provided to individuals who experience pain or face problems performing normal activities. It is commonly used as a pain-reliever and health improvement therapy. First, your therapist will analyze your behavior, such as pulse rate, sitting posture, and how quickly you can climb steps. Finally, your therapist will chalk out a plan to relieve symptoms and make sure you regain your original body strength.


All the treatments mentioned above are the basic treatment that every rehabilitation center offers. Additionally, these are the most effective ways of treating people with good results. Therefore, you should go through this content and see which treatment proves most beneficial for you or your loved ones.