Triumph of PSG.LGD at WePlay AniMajor: high-quality Dota 2 live streams on the excellent portal

WePlay AniMajor gave fans a lot of emotions, because the tournament was held among the best teams that occupy leading positions in the ranking such as: PSG.LGD, T1, Virtus.pro. A high-quality Dota 2 live stream is available for every game from many championships. This esport is very popular nowadays, therefore, there are enough tournaments of different levels.

AniMajor started on June 2nd and only NAVI was missing to complete the list of top teams. Virtus.pro did participate, but their results disappointed the fans. Dota 2 live video streams can be watched on the verified site, which has records of past games. Team Spirit gamers failed to live up to the expectations and took the 7th-8th place.

The following teams showed the best results at the tournament:

  1. PSG.LGD. One of the most popular and renowned teams; not without problems, but they went all the way to the title. Will delight PSG.LGD fans who are happy with their favorites. The Wiki Dota 2 and other useful information is presented on the excellent portal, where the live broadcasts of matches are also being shown.
  2. Evil Geniuses. The pros from the USA had a good tournament, but they stopped a step away from winning it. Problems began at the group stage, where after a good start they failed to gain a single victory in the other 5 games. But in the playoffs, they managed to improve their performance. A wiki section on all features of Dota 2 is presented on the verified site.
  3. T1. Koreans are always good at majors and this one was no exception. It’s a great achievement to enter the top three of the tournament.

It was a very interesting tournament that pleased the fans. PSG.LGD got $200000 and additionally scored 500 points, which was enough to get to The International 10.

Evil Geniuses: time to update the roster — Dota 2 characters and other esports information on the verified website

At AniMajor 2021, the American team Evil Geniuses were second, and overall this is a good result. You can view Dota 2 characters, statistics and game results on the verified portal. The latest information will delight esports fans.

Evil Geniuses started AniMajor quite confidently, but as noted by the coach Kanishka “BuLba” Sam Sosale, the gamers were not fully fit. The fact that they sealed one victory in the group proved this. However, they performed at the high level at the playoff stage. They only failed to defeat PSG.LGD — the Chinese defeated the rival with a score of 3:0 and won the Major without any problems. If you want to know Dota 2 tournament results, characters and ratings, you should visit the excellent statistics portal. The information here is available to everyone.


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