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How to gain twitch followers:

  1. Set your goals:

the most important thing you must need to keep in mind is that always think that your account is a business for you, not a social media account that you use in your free time. If you set the goals, it will help to keep your focus on the result not going with the flow. the higher the followers the more exposure you will get and increase your subscriptions, views, and likes. So, keep your goals that are real and specific.

  1. Consistency:

The key to the higher rate of followers is your consistency even at times you do not have returns like subscribers or followers. So, consistency is important. When someone sees your posts, he will like that and probably wants more content. People want routines, and if you fail to deliver them the content, they will find some other account for it.

  1. Stick to your target audience:

For suppose, your target audience is gamers, so the content related to sports and games is not the relevant one. Imagine if somebody likes like sports and your content is related to the sports, then he will surely come later to watch your stream at a scheduled time.

  1. Value your audience:

Nothing is more embarrassing and annoying when you send a message to someone while you are seeing them, but they didn’t respond to your messages. This creates a feeling of ignorance in your audience and a time comes when they start leaving you. However, take some time for your audience and try to interact more with the people. Communicate with them during intervals or streams. This will create a feeling of appreciation in them. And they will stay more time with you. Furthermore, it is more likely that they start watching YouTube videos in place of your streams if they feel ignored.


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