Twitch tips for the beginners

Today, we will go through the best tips for the beginners on Twitch. It’s not an easy process but you can definitely start with a good plan.

We recommend that you start streaming one or two games (or other categories), no more. If you start demonstrating the passage of a dozen games, you risk losing viewers. Certain users are interested in certain toys – and come to look at the corresponding let’s plays. Do not try to embrace the immensity, rather focus on retaining loyal people; Focusing only on one or two games is the best way to get Twitch followers

Communicate – Golden advice, without it nowhere. Even if you stream only passing levels on the channel, stay in touch with the viewers. Users will quickly lose interest in a channel whose owner is constantly silent – this is uninteresting, boring, and not catchy.

If you do not follow the elementary rules for using the platform, all the work of promoting the Twitch channel will go down the drain. We don’t want this! If you are a beginner then you can download Twitch videos to learn more about the platform.Therefore, it will not be superfluous to recall that you need to follow a certain logic of actions. You can find the full list of rules on the Twitch support site, we’ll say it in a nutshell. Do not use swear words, do not offend viewers, do not joke about religious, racial or political topics. Do not promote violence and cruelty, refuse nudity and unambiguous gestures. It is not difficult to follow this line of conduct.

Free Twitch Channel Promotion Options

Twitch promotion for free starts with the simplest thought. Remember how the platform works – the more active the users, the higher the chances of becoming noticeable and being noticed. What does it mean? Be active, take action!

  • Watch other people’s streams;
  • Comment and write messages in chats (only not spam, on the merits of the issue);
  • Subscribe to channels and add profiles to your followers.
  • Of course, we are not limited to this. Let’s try to figure out how to promote a Twitch channel for free without investing money.

The first thing you can advise is to contact more popular streamers. Of course, you should not mess with millionaires (at least not immediately). To get started, choose less hyped profiles!


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