Which type of Stone is Used for Landscaping?

Stones and gravels are a simple addition to a yard but can transform the look or appeal of any landscaping. Not just the style, but they also improve the functionality of the space. They are versatile elements to use in patio surfaces, walkways, for decorating plant-bed borders or simply as decorative accents. But, not all types of stones are suitable for a landscaping project. The type of stone you should choose depends on the area where you would use the stone and how you plan to use it.

If you plan to update your patio, garden, entry porches, or any outdoor space, you will want to know which type of stone is used for landscaping. Read on to discover the best landscaping stone options that will add an aesthetic appeal and functionality to the space you are seeking.

Types Of Stones Used For Landscaping

The two commonly used landscape stone types are Aggregates and Flagstone.


If you want to add small rocks or gravel to your garden, aggregates are the way to go! This category of landscaping stones includes crushed granite, boulders, and sand. The size of aggregates varies from pea gravel to river rocks. However, if you want to add more size, you can choose large boulders.

Let’s understand the differences between different landscaping stones that fall under this category-

Pea Gravel

As the name depicts, these small, rounded landscaping stones are about the size of a pea. They are available in a variety of colours, from white and tan to brown. They work best for covering the driveways, filling the crevices in the pathways, garden beds, etc.

Beach Pebbles

Beach pebbles are a bit larger than pea gravels and a better option for a decorative garden. You can line them along your garden paths or plant beds and enhance their look.

River Rocks

These stones are bigger than pea gravels, usually the size of your palm. If you love the idea of rustic edging or want to create a structure (wall or fountain) in your garden, river rocks are an ideal option. They are available in different sizes; you can pick the one based on your requirements.

Crushed Granite

These stones are large in size and have a thick texture. As they are not smooth, they make a great option for your garden pathways, covering the crevices between the patio plants or transition between walkways.


These are bigger, one-of-a-kind landscape stones that can be used for creating a statement in your garden. Large boulders work well for creating a visual division in the garden, while the smaller ones can be used as accent pieces.


It is the kind of Rockstone that you will mostly find in the Garden of people. These stones consist of various varieties of stones like sandstone and limestone. So, yes, you can use it as you want in various kinds of landscaping styles. These kinds of stones also have a very irregular outline, but that looks great. It will give a great decorative look to your garden. They can be cut in whatever diameter that you want and are also useful as stairs or patio material.


So, as I have told you above that Flagstone is available in the form of Limestone as well; let’s talk a bit about it. It gives quite an earthy and soft kind of a look. The most famous kind of stone in Limestone is “Bluestone,” you will find it being used in the patio, walkway, and staircase. It gives your home a very royal and smooth look. You can find the best quality limestone only at Australia’s top stone supplier, Mazzega’s landscaping supplies.


Sandstone also belongs to the Flagstone family. It consists of coarse texture and loose grain features. This stone is available in a variety of colours like black, gray, white, and red. You can add these beautiful color stones to your home or in your garden. Trust me; it will work wonders and gives your home a very vibrant and colorful look.

Lava Rock 

As the name suggests, these kinds of rocks are created in volcanos that are no longer active. They are lightweight. They have a unique and bold aura and are a bit on the expensive side. This stone is available in two colours only, and that is Black and red. You can design your home inside out with these lightweight stones in whatever landscaping format. One of the advantages of this rock is that it absorbs all the heat throughout the day and releases it at night time.


So, these are some of the top-quality and enriching rocks that can be used to decorate the floor of your home in and out. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the rock that you like and get going today. Good Luck!