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Online slot machines, as one of the most widespread types of online entertainment, account for over 70% of all internet casino games. Those users, who have already played reels, noted that although the principle of the game remains the same, there are still some differences in interacting. Experts from fancasinos.com have prepared information on the classification of online slot games and their distinctive features.

The article will be especially useful for gambling beginners who are just starting to understand the principles of playing online slots and winning combinations.

Computer programs (a basis for internet automate creation) make it possible to diversify the theme, musical accompaniment, and the number of winning lines. Therefore, players do not face monotony and routine when playing online slots.

Among the variety of games from various providers, the following categories can be distinguished.

Three Reel Slots (Classic)

These online slots were the first computerized version of land-based variants that entertained customers in real gambling halls. The essence of the game is pretty simple:

  • Customers pressed a lever to set three reels in motion in real machines. 
  • When the wheels stopped spinning, players saw three symbols in a row. 
  • If they were the same, the client won.

In classic online slot games, users play in the same way, the lever here is replaced by the button to start the reels.

This slot is quite simple for beginner players, but it gives few winning lines. Therefore, in three-reel games, you can immediately lose a lot of money or, on the contrary, hit the huge jackpot.

5 Reel Slots (Video Slots)

The developers of gambling games have varied the classic variants by adding 2 more reels. Now the number of winning lines has become much more. This means that each user has a chance to win a prize. Animation and musical accompaniment made such online slot machines more attractive. In addition, the programmers have added a free spins mode and multipliers that increase the amount of winnings.

6-7 Reel Slots

Just imagine how many winning combinations you can get by playing these games. In addition, each slot has its own wild and scatter symbols. They help gamblers get free spins and multiply their winnings.

Progressive Slots

A portion of the player’s bet is added to the total jackpot. Thus, the prize amount consists of the clients’ bets, which play the slot in real-time. The prize can reach millions. However, the chance of winning decreases in proportion to the increase in the participants’ number. A progressive jackpot can unite players of several slots or even casinos, as agreed by the administrations of gaming portals.

Interactive Slots

In addition to the many reels and paylines, playing these online slot games can consist of several mini-parts, the achievements of which affect your initial result. Interactive games give players more freedom of action. And the participant’s steps can significantly change the course of the game.

Many of the listed slots are available to players on mobile versions of sites. Therefore, customers can enjoy their leisure time in an online casino directly from their smartphones.

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