Typing quickly with the keyboard: how to do it?

The PC keyboard is something that many users don’t pay special attention to. Yet both in the case of desktop systems and notebooks it is the main tool, together with the mouse, touchpad, and touchscreen (where provided) to interact with the machine.

The mechanism that makes the keys respond to the touch is called a switch: there are many types but roughly we can talk about membrane keyboards with scissor or butterfly mechanisms and mechanical switch keyboards. If you use the keyboard a lot, it is essential to choose the right one: the keycap is a matter of taste. Many keyboards allow you to change the keycap and obviously, the mechanism under the keycap matters a lot. Read the further tips below to understand the keyboard and make your typing fast using an typing test and practice program;

There are keyboards that provide a sensitive, soft, feather-like touch and there are others that require extra pressure. The membrane switches (dome switches) are very common because they are very cheap to produce. Between the two circuits that make up these keyboards, there is a rubber membrane with a bubble structure at each key: when the key is pressed, the two circuits touch each other and the pressure is confirmed. The softness and quietness of these keyboards are not an advantage, quite the contrary.
The spacebar button is the most important button on the keyboard because we use the spacebar button to make space between two words as we type. You can speed up your spacebar buttons with the help of the spacebar counter tool.
The mechanical keyboards are more popular than ever as they are precise, resistant, and durable: each key has its own switch and its keycap or “rockers”. The combinations to choose from are really many: each keyboard gives a level of tactile and sound feedback. The character to be obtained appears on the screen already when the key is pressed halfway, generally allowing faster and less tiring typing compared to membrane keyboards. As for the keycaps, they seem similar only in appearance: depending on how they were conceived they can deteriorate more or less quickly, leading to different sensations to the touch or to a different optical effect when illuminated by RGB LEDs.

There are even test keyboards on the market that allow you to experience the sensation returned by various types of keys. Cherry MX is one of the most famous key switch manufacturers in the world: a tester allows you to understand which solution could be more congenial based on its recognition color. Other manufacturers are Logitech, Razer, Gateron, Khail, Outemu, Roccat, and Steelseries.

Mechanical keyboards are also very easy to clean because the keys can be removed and dust, lint, and dirt can be removed without causing any damage.

The keyboards with scissor mechanisms are so-called because they are like a pair of scissors; the keys are composed of a hinged structure on the two hinges (scissor keys). The feeling returned is that of a shorter keystroke with the release of the key appearing more responsive.In the case of keyboards with butterfly keys, there are two wings integrated into a more rigid body that descends all together when subjected to pressure without “wobbling”.

The fact is that this solution that Apple chose at the time to reduce the thickness of the keys on its ultra-thin devices, proved to be too delicate and prone to malfunctions. Despite the addition of a silicone sheath to prevent the entry of dust, the keyboards with butterfly keys have highlighted many anomalies during operation with the complaints of users that have followed one another for a long time.

In addition to the noise produced by the keys (for some it helps to be more productive), in the case of devices such as a mouse and keyboard, ergonomics are fundamental. Some keyboards are designed in such a way as to avoid muscle and nerve fatigue when working on the PC and offer valuable help for those suffering from neuropathies such as carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve syndrome.

How to type quickly with the PC keyboard

You have to practice a lot and appear for a typing test in English; but before that you need to understand the technique.

When typing on the keyboard, obviously the most wrong method is to watch the keys as your fingers move over them.

Touch typing is a typing technique that involves the use of the quiet keyboard using touch alone, without ever looking at it: This is due to what is called “muscle memory. Typists and professionals alike rely on tactile typing to write fast and significantly improve their productivity.

On the F and J keys on the keyboard, there are two small protuberances: they indicate the position where the indices of the two hands should be placed. Once the indices are in the right place you will be able to locate the rest of the keys.

For example, your thumbs should always remain on the space bar (if you are right-handed you will usually always use your right thumb to press on the space bar) while the SHIFT key, for example, should be pressed with the middle finger of the hand opposite the one you press the other key. And further info I invite you to visit our recommended site.


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