Unblock Your Clogged Drain with These Tips






Drains in your home may become blocked due to several issues. For example, they may be clogged with food debris, soap, hair, or even toys.

Regardless of what caused the blockage, if you are like most people, you have one thing on your mind – fixing the problem.

While you may need a plumber to look at severe blockages, there are some DIY remedies you can try first.

How to Clear a Blocked Drain

Clearing a blocked drain isn’t always a complicated task. Some of the top ways to handle this issue can be found here.

Boiling water

Pouring boiling water into a clogged drain may be an effective way to eliminate a clog. Usually, this method works best for clogs caused by issues like conditioner, grease, soap, and similar items.

Natural cleaners

Using natural cleaners is another effective way to clear clogs in your drains. The most effective combination to try is baking soda and vinegar. The fizz created by this combo can effectively loosen a clog caused by many substances.

Caustic cleaners

Purchasing drain cleaners at a store may also be beneficial when trying to clear a drain. However, these include toxic chemicals, so use them carefully if you choose this method to clear your drains.


Your plunger is an effective tool when it comes to clearing a drain. Just position the plunger over the drain and use it just like you would when plunging a toilet. This may be an effective way to clear a clog if it isn’t too deep in the pipe.

DIY drain snake

Using a metal hanger or another piece of wire may also be effective for clearing a clog. Be sure to make a small hook at the end, which will “grab” whatever has clogged the pipe.

Plumbers drain snake

Like the DIY drain snake mentioned above, the plumber’s drain snake is just more sophisticated and effective. Usually, it can get further into the drain to remove the clog regardless of how deep it is.


If the above methods aren’t effective in clearing your drain, then a CCTV inspection may be needed. With this, a small camera is inserted into the drain to find the clog and figure out what needs to be done to remove it.


If the above methods are ineffective, you may want to discuss hydro-jetting your drains. This method sends pressurized water through the clogged pipe, essentially “blowing” the clog out and restoring proper function to your drains.


For more serious clogs, excavation of the affected area may be necessary. With this method, the entire section of damaged or clogged pipe is removed and replaced.

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a possible solution for damaged pipes. Rather than replacing the entire pipe, the interior of the damaged pipe is replaced to restore proper function.

If you aren’t sure what the clog is caused by or can’t seem to get it to budge with one of the methods mentioned here, it’s best to call a plumber for help. They can find the underlying issue and make the recommended repairs.

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