Underlining the factors to keep in mind while choosing your patio furniture covers 

If you’ve bought premium patio furniture, you need to shield your investment with a long-lasting cover that can enhance your furniture’s and maintain the finish in its pristine condition. 

  • Different outdoor furniture covers offer different levels of protection. To know the right cover for your patio furniture, you need to underline any potential hazards to the structure, durability, and finish. 
  • If you expose your outdoor furniture to direct sunlight, your cover must entail a high UV rating for minimizing brittleness and fading.
  • If your furniture is in the vicinity of water features like pools, or you expose them to rain and moisture, you need a waterproof cover for preventing the wood from rotting and swelling.
  • Tree sap, insects, and animal droppings can damage the finish or paint on your furniture. The cover entails a tight weave with very little mesh. It’s ideal to prevent any type of leakage.

A few quick steps

Reviewing the product hierarchy is very crucial. If you know what you want or what to expect, selecting patio furniture covers shouldn’t be overwhelming or tedious. Review the online store’s menu and the merchandizing process. You can also review supplemental information, such informative web portals, pages, and comparison charts.

  • It’s crucial to understand potential risks and threats. Wild animals, insects, falling limbs, pollen, bird droppings, tree sap, dust, dirt, ice, snow, wind, rain, and UV rays are just some common threats to your patio furniture.
  • You need to make a list of every element that your patio furniture might stand to endure. 
  • The next step is measuring your furniture. You need to know that furniture covers mustn’t touch the ground as it would impede proper air circulation underneath the cover and prevent mildew and mold. 
  • Choosing the right size and shape of cover for protecting your furniture is just as crucial as getting the right shoes for your feet. 
  • It’s important to know the pivotal features of your covers. If you’re serious about shielding your outdoor furniture, you need to review every resource about the covers. They must meet your individual needs. 

If your outdoor furniture entails unusual angles or if there’s heavy wind in the area, you can choose a cover that has a 360-degree drawcord. It ensures optimum flexibility to secure the cover against strong winds.

Factoring other things

The dimensions of your patio furniture are a very crucial aspect. Many online retailers and big box shops claim to size cookie cutter outdoor furniture covers. Don’t fall into their hogwash and snare. It’s prudent to purchase covers that cater to your specific needs. The right size is imperative in this regard. 

In many cases, the furniture manufacturing firm provides them as accessories. It could be a great starting point for end-users. In addition to looking for waterproof materials, shop covers that are breathable. Breathability is important, but be careful while selecting the manufacturer. Everyone claims that their covers are breathable, but end up making gigantic and cumbersome materials. 

Go for covers that have inbuilt vents. The smaller breathable portions allow great air circulation. 



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