Understanding the Different Types of Scaffolding Systems

A scaffold defines a temporary stage, elevated platform, or structure used to assist or facilitate the maintenance and construction projects undertaken at a height. As the construction industry advances, various scaffold systems are being developed and put into use. This article delves into these different types, hence providing an understanding to any consumer or worker seeking to construct, purchase or lease one. By visiting this site you can know this about see Lakeside-hire.co.uk


Undertaking works at a height in the construction and maintenance industry is an inherent task andone cannot simply avoid it. Therefore, there is a need for structural assistance in accessing difficult-to-reach places, especially on storied buildings and tall structures.

Similarly, outdoor events may require a temporary stageor platform to hold performances on. The scaffold comes in handy. It represents a temporary stage, elevated platform, or structure that aids or facilitates outdoor presentations or performances, maintenance works, and construction projects are undertaken at a height.

This article looks into the different architectures and scaffold systems in existence today to understand them in case one seeks topurchase, lease, rent, or construct a particular system.

Types of Scaffolding Systems

System / Modular Scaffolding

Modular scaffolding entails the deployment of multiple independent units or modules to create a solid base. The base forms an appropriate foundation for constructing a more complex or more extensive structure. The modular scaffolding system is quite effective in complex construction sites where conventional scaffolds are impractical and require a high level of flexibility.

The system scaffolding represents a variable modular scaffolding with permanent connection points allowing interconnected diagonals, bearers, and runners. It employs a latch mechanism enabling quick and ease to assemble.

System and modular scaffolding are versatile, reliable and reduce the energy, costs, and time used in erecting them. Examples include ring lock, quick stage, and cuplock.

Suspended Scaffolding

This suspended scaffolding system draws its name from its mechanism of action – hanging or suspending via an overhead structure like a ceiling. It is most suitable in very tall structures where the assembly of standard scaffolds would require significant amounts of the workforce, costs, and time.

Ideally, it is supported or powered by different rope mechanisms, including swing, catenary, Botswain’s Chair, float, and multi-level scaffold. The swing scaffold system is considered the most popular and most widely available scaffolding for sale in Kenya.

Cantilever Scaffolding

The cantilever scaffold system, also referred to as needle scaffolding, is primarily applicable in scenarios where the setting up of standard scaffold systems at the ground surface is impractical. Hence, the needles provide the requisite foundation by extending out of the structure’s walls and setting a working platform.

Tubular Scaffolding

The tubular scaffolding system represents the traditional and standardized scaffolding system. Also known as the tube and clamp scaffolding, steel scaffolding, tube and coupler scaffolding, or the tube and fitting scaffolding, it is still widely utilized, even in Kenya, due to its flexibility, variations of fitting positions, and adaptability to various circumstances.

It involves the use of couplers and clamps to connect and hold the fittings and tubes in place. Although it islabor and time-intensive, compared to the modern scaffolding systems, it is still the most popular scaffolding for sale in Kenya or even leasing.

Single Scaffolding

The single scaffolding system utilizes the holistic structure being constructed as its support base, thus mostly applicable in brick masonry sites. It mainly employs the putlog scaffolding system.

Trestle Scaffolding

The trestle scaffolding system consists of adjustable legs that allow for height modification based on the prevailing circumstance. It is mainly utilized in light works, such as wall painting.

Mobile Scaffolding

The mobile scaffolding system, also known as the rolling scaffolding, allows for the creation of portable working structures easily transferred to a working location. The mobile scaffolds rest on castors, enabling workers to execute their tasks efficiently while frequently altering their positions. The types include square or mobile towers and genie lifts.


There are different types of scaffolding systems in use today. The differences in each type are mainly due to the components used and how they connect. Scaffolds can be altered to fit varied structures and shapes as required by the working site and purpose. Therefore, a worker or consumer can confidently select the most appropriate scaffold topurchase, lease, rent, or assemble based on the knowledge above.


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