Use of Writing Journal in Student Life

It might seem a little weird that writing a journal may help in student life but it is true that writing a journal contains many benefits which assist a student life in many ways. Today there are many ways to attain knowledge and school management is also very helpful in attaining knowledge too. School managements are in a race to provide more and more facilities to the students and to make their learning process easy for them. Students are taking help from various tools of online learning like LMS portals. LMS portal makes online learning easy and safe for the students and LMS Portals provides a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows clients and partners to launch and manage multiple private eLearning environments, all from a centralized console. An LMS portal is a software which is used by companies of all sizes and from any industry. Having such facilities to help students work hard and perform well in their studies. They put their efforts in the right direction and achieve their goals too. But students are not well aware of writing journals these days. There was a time when people used to write diaries but no longer now. Although this habit has given many good writers to the world of literature. Writing a diary or journal brings many benefits like it keeps mental health fit and fine. It is so because the journal writer vents out all his emotions in the diary or journal and in return it never asks any question. Along with this a journal also keeps the record of how much you have changed as the time passed by.

A diary or journal is a handwritten record of daily happenings and incidents happening on a daily basis in the life of anyone which includes the emotions and feelings one goes through continuously. Apart from this people also make diaries for other purposes too such as researchers make diaries on a daily basis to keep track of their researches which may need future reference in finding something new. People also keep diaries in order to keep records of their physical fitness and it helps to reduce anxiety and stress because one can vent out all the emotions and feelings in the journal without having any objection. Writing a diary can benefit in many ways to a student because it allows any student to pen down his/her experiences of life safely. When a student pens down his/her own story ten he or she gets a chance to see the progress he/she is making in life. When a student writes a diary then he/she writes without fear of anybody else and when a student keeps writing then he/she needs proper grammar skills along with good vocabulary in order to express his/her views and emotions properly. These ways he/she gets to improve his/her writing skills. 

Keeping a diary gives a chance to the student to remember the incidents, activities and plannings he or she has made till now in the matter of attaining knowledge and information. A journal of a student gives him/her inspiration keeping the failures and success in loop which motivates the student to work harder in order to achieve new goals. People usually find it very hard to start diary writing and they have the usual questions and that is from where to start? You need not to worry because it is your personal journal and it is who will read it so don’t mind and just start writing. You can choose pen and paper or keyboards of laptop/desktop and gradually you will get command on what and how to write more efficiently. A student can start writing as if he/she is talking to a friend and keep expressing your emotions as you are thinking. It is never necessary that you keep on writing only, your journal can contain sketches, pictures and drawings made by you or paper cuttings, cut out pics of characters etc. Writing a diary is a good method to vent out everything which is whirling in the mind. Many a times it is seen that one is very bothered by something becoming a tornado in mind but there is no trusted one to share then you can write in your journal and can receive peace and calm of mind.


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