Vaginal suppositories Artemisol for HPV and Cervical Lesions from Eistria LTD

Genital infections are becoming common because of the gradual increase in the human population. HPV is a viral infection that can lead to cancer if unchecked. That’s why Eistria LTD is always a reliable shop to provide effectively and 100 % positive results against any viral infection. HPV is common among women and transmits sexually to men. So, it’s always beneficial to adopt some precautions during intimacy.

What are the symptoms of HPV?

Previously people were not aware of the HPV until they came across cervical and mucosal lesions. Thus, inflammation and lesions were not treated correctly, leading to cancer. In addition, HPV symptoms don’t appear at once. First, you will see inflammation and lesions on the vagina, hands, mouth, face, and feet.

Types of HPV and risks associated with each type

HPV is of two types depending on the chronic condition of the infection. The low-risk HPV appears with skin warts. It is treated and sometimes becomes normal because of a strong immune system. Skin warts may appear in the genital region.

So, high-risk HOV is the most dangerous type and can lead to cervical lesions and cancer. The virus resides in the transition area between the cervix and vagina. Thus, it is responsible for changing the mucosa of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. It leads to the formation of a malignant tumor, and it is the chronic form of the infection.

How does this infection spread?

Most of you may know that this is a sexually transmitted infection so, it may spread during intimacy. In addition, blood, semen, and saliva are also responsible for spreading the infection. Therefore, using a condom during sexual intercourse is not the solution because it will protect you to some extent. Sometimes, the immune system is so strong that the HP virus can’t spread and eliminate within time.

If the immune system is not strong enough to deal with a viral infection. So, there will be a chance to be caught with high-risk HPV.

What is the treatment for HPV?

Eistria LTD is always searching for authentic and appropriate treatments for viral infections. SO, Vaginal supporsitries Artemisol is a comprehensive medicine to treat High and low-risk HPV. You don’t need to worry because it’s organic and comprised of all-natural components.

How to use it?

The vaginal suppositories are the perfect solution against HPV, and you have to use one or two at bedtime for 36 days.

What is the composition of artemisol?

Experts at Eistria LTD ensure quality products with 100 % positive results. So, artemisol is an organic herbal medicine that provides an authentic solution without any side effects. It comprises, Curcumin extract 100mg, Artemisinin 99% 100mg, Dimethyl sulfoxide 100mg, Sweet wormwood oil 50mg, Boswelia Serrata oil 200mg, Peppermint oil 50mg, Turmeric oil 100mg, Tea tree oil 100mg, St. John’s wort oil 100mg, Eucalyptus essential oil Eucalyptus polybractea cryptone 100mg.

However, all-natural and herbal ingredients are formulated in one suppository to provide you with an effective solution to HPV.

Over to you

Eistria LTD is popular world widely because of its organic and herbal medicines. You can shop online or find a store near your location to observe the whole medical collection. All treatments are formulated after a lot of research, and pathogens, nutritionists, and homeopaths help create the best treatment against any ailment. Thus, artemisol is one of the best creations to help mankind eliminate the human papilloma virus.

Thus, never feel hopeless and get effective solutions on Eistria LTD to get 100 % positive results.


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