Vize Counselor international law firm in Thailand Celebrating the Growth

Vize Counselor Law firm Thailand celebrates double-digit growth by 2022! To celebrate the achievements of being one of  top 10 law firm in Thailand, the company’s management is pleased to share the joy of knowing that the firm has grown from 8 to more than twenty lawyers with multilingual backgrounds. As a top Thai lawyer firm Vize can provide comprehensive services in a wide range of business areas. The extensive scope of practice areas covers corporate M&A and arbitration, litigation corporate incorporation and management of foreign companies, and much more.

The Vize International Thai Law Firm’s three offices

The Thai lawyers at Vize International Thailand Law Firm have extensive experience in a range of areas. Their services are varied that range from corporate formation to license applications, commercial litigation and contract negotiations. With over 1,000 clients across Thailand they have a track record of successful results.

Three offices, and a worldwide presence, Vize Counselor International Law Firm has seen a steady growth in its offerings and has become the preferred International law company within Thailand for foreign firms who are looking to make investments in Thailand. The lawyers on their team come from top universities and are proficient in providing advice to clients across the globe. Therefore, Vize Counselor Thailand is ready to help clients around the world. If you require legal aid, Vize International Thailand Law Firm is the company you should choose for reliable legal assistance.

Professional Expertise in Corporate from English Speaking Lawyers

A law firm that is English-speaking located in Thailand will provide customers with professional expertise in various areas. There are many law firms in Thailand It is crucial to select a law firm with a track record of satisfaction with clients. You can assess the quality of the service through reading customer reviews and talking to previous clients. Vize Counselor is a full-service law firm, with lawyers that specialize in corporate and commercial law. The lawyers at Vize Counselor are experienced and have extensive knowledge in the field of technology. Furthermore it is recognized as an Thai consulting firm and employs lawyers adept in Thai language.

A law firm that is English-speaking can provide legal assistance for foreign clients. An Thai law firm that has an English-speaking partner may be able to help foreign clients living in Thailand in addressing their lawful requirements. The foreign partner’s experience in the field of law that is applicable to foreigners can be beneficial for foreign clients. The foreign partner might be a lawyer in the jurisdiction of residence and oversee cases, but he/she could simply act as a mediator with you as well as your lawyer.

Focusing on BOI Thailand Company Set Up

A professional with expertise in BOI Thailand Company Set-Up will assist you to set up your company and reap the advantages of being a BOI-certified business. The Thai government has set up an agency known as the Thailand Board of Investment, that aims to encourage foreign investment through providing information about the legal requirements and incentives to facilitate an efficient process of investment. It is the Board of Investment provides a variety of tax incentives for newly formed businesses, which include tax breaks and cuts in tax. Tax incentives differ based on the specific business operations of the potential applicant.

In order to be granted BOI privileges, you need to first confirm that your company is qualified. There are two kinds of BOI registration procedure that can be applied for: BOI request or BOI corporate limited. If your company meets the requirements for eligibility you are able to apply for BOI privileges under your own name. The initial step in the process is filling in an online form. The next step is to send your application BOI authorities. The application has to be made within 10 working days. If the application is approved then you will be informed to establish a company under the BOI. If you’re rejected by BOI, you’ll need to amend your plan of business.

The Best English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand

Finding the top English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand isn’t difficult, provided you are aware of where to search. A majority of the major law firms in Thailand include English attorneys who specialize in various areas of law, like patents, real estate business licensing as well as work permits and divorce. If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer, then look for an lawyer who speaks your language and is familiar with the legal terminology. If you’re uncertain about the procedure or don’t speak Thai at all, you can try search on the internet for. There are many big law firms sell basic document sets at affordable prices. You can also buy them online.

If you’re from a different country is essential to locate an English lawyer who speaks English even if only to discuss your needs. Lawyers from a law firm who speak English will be able to talk to you immediately and provide immediate feedback. This is especially beneficial if you don’t speak Thai. If you don’t have this, you could encounter a situation that requires legal help. If you don’t know Thai and you’re not a native speaker, you’ll have an issue determining the next steps. If you’re not sure, look up Vize Counselor’s site for more details about lawyers.


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