Vlogging vs Blogging : Which is Better in 2021?

Now in the modern world of Internet, people have complete freedom to share their ideas, feelings, expert opinions and stories with the entire world. This is possible by writing or via video content and most of us know as vlogging and blogging.

These days vlogging and blogging are the great ways serve your informational content to audience over the internet, in short and interesting way, as people on a single website. 

As the reason, vlogging or blogging are the two popular ways to promote your services or products provide people important information and at the end make profit for your online business. 

But nowadays, we can say there is a big completion between vlogging vs blogging, so how to choose the right one for you?

To get the answer let’s begin our guide vlogging vs blogging

Both, vlog vs blog difference from one another.


Vlogging a digital method in which you share your experiences or ideas in video format with people online. Oppose of blogging, here you don’t need to write any word. Just film yourself with content and upload video over the web. Most vloggers make use of YouTube to set-up a free account and share their video content. 

Reasons to start Vlogging 

  • Easy-to-setup – Having cameras and lights, film your videos and edit them, then upload to your vlog. This simple process, make vlogs easy to set-up and work with than a blog.
  • More engaging – In the case where people like to watch videos than reading posts, vlogs are perfect. With videos, it’s become easy, to engage visitors and keep them longer on your website.
  • No need to write – As a Vlogger, you don’t need to write. Without any professional writing skills, you can set-up and maintain vlogs.

Reasons to not start vlogging

  • Expensive equipment – For vlogging, you need HD cameras, lighting system, and professional editing software to make video content perfect. The cost of all devices can hit your pockets. 
  • Not able to edit videos after upload – In any situation where you want to make changes is impossible after the upload. You have to delete, re-shot or leave vlog and apologize from your viewers.
  • Time-consuming – Vlog takes very time, you have to find the content and organize it than film it and after editing you can upload it. That’s a long process.
  • Issue with search engines – As videos don’t contain any written words, they can’t index by search engines so it may be difficult for your vlog to get ranked and visible in search results.

Now let’s differentiate blogging from vlogging


In Blogging using written words, you can express your ideas and experiences online. Mainly blogs are used to publish informational content to engage your viewers and also businesses use blogs to create posts, reviews, or infographics related to their services, products or industry to maximize their sales.

Reason to choose Blogging

  • Hassle-free setup – With blogging platforms like WordPress or Tumblr, it’s very simple and easy to start your own blog without any charges. With WordPress, you have the choice to select their WordPress.com or WordPress.org site. And both of these WordPress websites are really easy-to-setup and maintain. Also, if you have some trouble, there are ample of tutorials and information available over the internet regarding setup blog and even more.
  • Don’t need any equipment – Here you only need a laptop with internet connection and importantly passion for reading and writing. With this simple stuff, you can easily do research and create valuable content for your blog without spending big for any latest equipment.
  • Unleash hidden writer in you – If you can express things better with words then blogging is just for you. With blogging, you can write and can make money blogging. By becoming an affiliate marketer and using codes or links provided by a merchant to promote their services or products on your blog, you can earn commissions from the merchants. Not only that, by monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing, and optimize your blog content writing for SEO, you can earn big from writing only.

Reason to not choose Blogging

  • Blogging Depend on SEO – You must have a good grip to find and use keywords, meta tags and great description writing knowledge to drive traffic and also to get high quality backlinks. Blogging is the game of SEO and without it; search engine’s bots can’t able to index your blog properly.
  • Content updates – Blogging need efforts. You need fresh and unique content to maintain traffic flow and also the readership. So here, it’s recommended, updating your blog with a new post once a week. And also ensure that it’s unique and informative too.
  • Blogging needs attractive witting skills – Whether you write an article, review services or products, use an free infographic makers for posts or whatever but there your writing skills should be enough capable to stun the visitors and keep them on your blog for long duration.

What’s better Vlogging vs Blogging?

In our comparison of Vlogging vs Blogging, both have their plus points and down points. 

A blog is great if you like to express things with words or easily write on anything, while a vlog is an ideal pick for someone who likes and can explain things easy & simple way than writing.


In our personal opinion, we prefer blogging over vlogging from the point of view of blog vs vlog income. Because in blogging you need words, computer with internet and sources for traffic such as Facebook to earn with affiliate programs. But vlogging need subscribers or views and if you get them then it will be on YouTube to put ads on videos that you need to earn. 

However, the choice completely depends on you and your passion for vlogging vs blogging, 

Let us know your choice and why you choose that in comments and also share our guide vlogging vs blogging with others.

Author Details:

Rajinder Singh has driven the UI/UX design vision as the Director at Immense Art (P) Ltd., at Chandigarh, India. He has also helped to set the direction for product development. Rajinder, additionally the founder of TheHotSkills.com, enjoys doing freelance writing for numerous websites.



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