VSI Tips to Cover CA Foundation Syllabus and get the Best Result

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CA Foundation syllabus is quite vast and students need a perfect study plan to complete it on time. In CA Foundation, you’ll learn about the principles of accounting, business law, mathematics, logical reasoning, economics and more. As students get the time of only four months, many students can’t complete the syllabus or don’t get the time to revise or solve mock test papers. 

In this article, we’ll tell you the paper-wise preparation tips by VSI Jaipur, that can help you in covering the CA Foundation syllabus 2022 on time with revisions and get the best result. But why only VSI preparation tips? VSI offers the best CA Foundation classes in India and helped thousands of students to clear the exam with flying colors. Moreover, VSI students got AIR 1 in the last ten years and has the record of highest marks in CA Final, IPCC and Intermediate. 

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Let’s know the tips provided by VSI to complete the CA Foundation exam syllabus and how VSI can help you to crack your CA foundation exam in the first attempt. 

Paper-wise Tips to Complete CA Foundation Syllabus

VSI prepares subject-wise tips for exams to help candidates complete the ICAI Foundation syllabus on time. 

Tips for Paper 1 – Principles and Practice of Accounting

CA foundation paper 1 is basically a practical paper. In the CA Foundation accounts syllabus, you will find more practical questions rather than theory. Therefore you must do a lot of practice for this paper. While practicing, also focus on making calculations fast. So, you have to clear the concept, besides this, you have to learn the use of the calculator because it is essential for this paper.

Tips for Paper 2 – Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

Paper 2 of the CA foundation has two parts one is business law, and another is business correspondence and reporting. However, the CA Foundation law syllabus is big and quite challenging to understand, so you have to put more time into it. In fact, you have to learn all the law definitions and acts word-by-word. Another part is equal with class 11th and 12th English. Thus it is pretty easy for you. Additionally, the presentation of this paper is essential. If you want to complete the CA Foundation syllabus early, you have to focus on law and give it more time in understanding the laws. 

Tips for Paper 3 – Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics

Paper 3 is somehow difficult for many students. To complete the CA Foundation maths syllabus, you need to focus on 2 things, i.e., practice and concept clearance. However, if your concept is clear in class 11th and 12th math, then you can easily understand this paper. In the case of logical reasoning, one needs consistent practice to secure good marks. CA Foundation syllabus of logical reasoning can be completed with daily practice. After understanding the concepts and formulas, set aside 30 mins to solve questions. 

Tips for Paper 4 – Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

Moreover, the CA Foundation economics syllabus is very much similar to class 11th and 12th economics. In this part, you have to study each chapter deeply. Besides this, if you want to secure good marks in this paper, you have to deeply learn all the meanings and concepts of every topic. 

Students can download the CA Foundation syllabus 2022 PDF from the ICAI official website or from the VSI website. 

VSI Study Plan for CA Foundation

Candidates get only 4 months to prepare for the CA foundation exam as per ICAI. Therefore VSI provides a proper study plan to cover and revise all four papers.

First, you have to complete the CA Foundation syllabus within three months. After that, you have to start revisions for each paper. It would be best if you revise all the subjects 3 times within one month. The study plan for revision is mentioned below:

  • 1st Revision – Revise four papers three days for each (duration 12 days)
  • 2nd Revision – Same as Revision 1 (duration 12 days)
  • 3rd Revision – Revise four papers 1.5 days each (duration 6 days)

Another essential tip provided by VSI is not to avoid the written practice, use of the calculator, and only follow ICAI study material during the CA foundation preparation.

How can VSI help you in CA Foundation Preparation?

Apart from following the above-mentioned tips to complete CA Foundation syllabus, you can also enroll yourself in VSI classes to get the best CA Foundation result. Check how VSI can assist you in completing your CA Foundation syllabus and make you clear the exams with flying colors. 

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1. Expert Teaching Faculty

VSI Jaipur hires qualified faculties for CA foundation preparation. However, the years of experience of these faculties help the candidate to understand each subject easily. Moreover, VSI Jaipur believes in timely completing of the CA Foundation course syllabus and all the lectures will be exam-oriented. In fact, these expert faculties also clear all the doubts of the candidates by providing excellent examples.

VSI also offers CA Foundation online classes for the students. So, if you prefer online classes or are not residing in Jaipur, then you can opt for online classes. 

2. Regular Mock tests

The mock test series is one of the best parts of VSI. Additionally, the mock test papers were prepared by VSI as per the latest exam pattern. VSI conducts 6 mock test papers that cover the entire CA Foundation syllabus and help students in getting the best result. 

3. Personalized Guidance

Another best quality of VSI is personalized guidance. As per the mock test result, the VSI’s counsellors provide personal advice to each of the candidates. That really helps students in getting better and working on their weaknesses. 

4. Easy to study compilers

Study material plays a great role in completing the CA Foundation syllabus. VSI provides outstanding study compilers to the students to easily understand each topic of the CA foundation exam. Moreover, by following the ICAI updated syllabus, VSI prepares these compilers for the students.


Students can follow the above-mentioned preparation tips to complete the CA Foundation syllabus and clear their exams with great results. You can also join VSI Jaipur institute to make your chances of clearing the exams on the first attempt stronger. You can find the contact details below: 

Contact details of VSI Jaipur

Head Office & Study Center K-50 Bhawana Tower Income Tax Colony, Tonk Road, Near Durgapura Bus Stand, Jaipur

Contact No. – 7821821250, 9351468666


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