Want to Start Your Own Dental Practice? Here is How!

Setting up your own business can be daunting – there are many different things to consider and a list of tasks that you need to tick off before you can open the doors for the first time.

When it comes to starting your own dental practice, you need to give careful consideration to a whole slew of different elements, including:

  • The right property and sufficient parking
  • The needs of the local populace who are likely to register with you
  • The right machinery and tools to provide those services
  • The perfect dental supplies to support your work

Your potential patients will be looking to you when they are in pain or discomfort, need a confidence boost, or want to keep healthy. There is a lot of responsibility to take on!

Registration and Your Legal Obligations

Depending on where you set up your practice, you will need to connect with the appropriate authority and register your practice. A license is required to practice dentistry, and this may be issued directly from them or a local Trading Standards council authority.

There is no legal requirement in the UK to connect with the local Health Authority, but you can do this if you want.

You also need to make sure you’ve registered the business with the relevant tax and business authorities.

Who Is Your Practice Helping?

  • Are you planning on operating a private practice?
  • Will you be offering your services to just NHS patients?
  • Are you going to provide a mixture of services?

Some procedures aren’t available through the NHS (such as implants or teeth whitening) – so it’s important to plan and know what you can and must charge for.

Have You got the Right Stuff for the Job?

From your clerical staff to the cleaners, the Dentists, and the Nurses, you need to think about how you want your practice to be perceived and hire the right people – who not only have the skills and qualifications to handle the procedures you will be offering, but also have the right personalities and capabilities to embody the visions and values of your practice!

Equipment, Machinery, and Making the Most of the Space

There are some pieces of equipment (such as dentistry chairs) that will be required regardless of what you’re planning on doing and others (such as lab tools, refrigeration units, or CAD/CAM machinery) that might only be required for specific procedures. 

You need to evaluate the amount of space you have available in the location you have chosen. Compare the operating space (how much space it takes not just to fit the machine in but to also use it safely) with your list of planned services – and determine what fits best and where. 

Finding the right equipment is essential. These tools are the foundation of your practice, and you’ll be using them on a regular (probably daily) basis. You need to source them from a supplier that understands your needs, offers the best value for money (and financing where appropriate), and who can work with you on maintenance and sourcing replacement parts as they naturally incur wear and tear.

Daily Supplies and Products

The best dental supplies are ones that are high-quality, cost-effective, and can be reliably reordered and delivered as you need them.

Working with a trusted company that has an established reputation and the ability to provide everything you need – from PPE and disposables to medical-grade tools and parts, will help you offer high-class services and satisfy your customers.

It’s also a good idea to look for a supplier that offers eco-friendly and green options. The number of individuals who think Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important (and sometimes deciding) factor when choosing a business to use is growing each year.

By taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint, recycle where possible, and offer eco-friendly options – you can appeal to a wider audience, as well as do your part to make the world a better place.

Preparing Your Practice to Open

Once you’ve got your license sorted, found the perfect location, decided on your client base, determined how you’re going to function, the services you’re going to provide – and sourced the perfect dental supplies to support you, you’ll be ready to make a difference. 

Keep a close eye on what people are saying about the practice, and maintain the highest standards, and people will be filling in your forms to register in no time!

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