Water Cooler Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Water Dispenser for Homes and Offices

Hydration is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Water dispensers provide easy access to drinking water for your home and office. It is a machine that transmits hot and cold water through different faucets. It can be used in homes and offices and provides instant drinking water at the touch of a button. In addition to homes and offices, water fountains are widely used in gyms, sports lockers, schools and many other places.

Water dispensers come in a variety of styles and designs and have different functions. However, the basic function is the same, namely to provide hot and cold water. Before going to the store to buy a water cooler, it is vital to understand its purpose and function. Let’s explore some tips for choosing the best water cooler for your home or office in this article.

Free-standing Or Countertop

There are two types of water dispensers on the market. One is a traditional water dispenser, and the other is a freestanding water dispenser. Standard barreled water dispensers are containers for storing water because regular water dispensers without filters are prone to bacteria and scale. The Independent drinking machine is equipped with a water filtration sterilization device to boil water. Independent drinking machine volume is relatively large, so it needs to be placed in the office’s idle space. But now, some freestanding models are also suitable for space-poor homes.

Design and Style

The style and design of the office water dispenser also contribute to the aesthetic of the space where you install it in your home or office. Make sure you choose a plan that fits the interior of the room or kitchen where you want to install the water fountain. You can select designs and colors that match or contrast your interior design.

Look for the faucet

Some models come with one faucet, while others come with two. In addition, some models come with additional hot water taps. In addition, these models all have switches on the back that can be used to control the hot or cold water supply. Different control of hot and cold water, turn off a tap that is not needed and save electricity.

Water reservoir

Some models require a bucket that can hold water, while others do not. People who need buckets are heavier than people who don’t need buckets. Bucket water dispensers are usually made of plastic water tanks or stainless steel. Drinking fountains that do not require a water tank are generally equipped with a device to connect them to the water supply line, which can be directly connected when water is needed.

Size of the unit

Water dispensers come in various sizes, with and without water tanks. Here, you need to consider the space to install a water fountain in your home or office. If you have enough space to accommodate, you can use a free-standing cooler, but you should opt for countertops as they don’t take up your floor space if the area is low.

Additional features

Some water dispensers come with additional temperature control and turning off the hot or cold water. If you need such other features, you should research the brands that offer them. They can be more expensive than standard models that only provide hot and cold water. Before visiting a store or ordering online, you need to research all the features you want and look online for models that offer them.

Choose the right manufacturer

Choosing the proper manufacturer is as important as choosing the right water dispenser. It is a manufacturing company that provides after-sales maintenance, customer service, and warranty services. If the company offers quality and timely service, you can ensure that your water dispenser will remain in good condition for years to come.

Check customer reviews

Talk to different companies and read customer feedback on the quality of after-sales service to get an idea of what you’ll get if you buy from them. You can find customer reviews on various online marketplaces like Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.


The price of the water cooler is another important factor you must consider. Higher prices do not always mean higher product or service quality. Before finalizing the model to buy for your home or office, compare prices and features offered by various brands. You can at PartyInTheCart find hot-selling water dispensers on Amazon and get Amazon promo codes to enjoy discounts.

Final Words

These are some tips for choosing the best water cooler for your home or business. The key to finding the right product is to spend enough time researching and comparing price, features, quality, and customer service. Following these tips can help you choose the suitable water dispenser to make and model for your home or office.


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