What Are Natural Causes Of Global Warming?

Global warming is no longer philosophical threat, no longer a future threat, no longer a threat at all. It’s our reality – Bill Mcwkibben

Starting with the quote above, when a philosophical threat like that could become a reality, it depicts that it is high time for us to take responsibility for our actions that are causing such disasters.

Global warming is the increasing temperature in the overall atmosphere of the earth because of human activities or natural activities like primarily fossil fuel burnings or volcanic eruptions, respectively, which causes the earth to absorb the heat mixed with greenhouse gases. These gases that get trapped in the earth causes disasters.

Have you ever thought about or observed the climatic changes in your surroundings? If not. There you have your answer to the first very and important cause of global warming. Because not knowing about something that hazardous, therefore, not doing anything about it will impose a bigger danger. Another smart way to know about global warming is when you are given with an assignment on this topic, take the assignment help, if required to be familiar with this topic. Well, after this post you can get little knowledge on global warming as it has the potential to ruin our earth, easily! 

Following discussed are some basic effects of global warming that are already happening; 

  • Melting of glaciers due to increase in the overall temperature of the earth which is ruining the natural habitat of animals and people that require cold weather.
  • Deforestation ultimately ruins the atmosphere of the environment as there is no one other than plants that could take up all carbon dioxide and release oxygen. 
  • Different species are getting extinct because of the disruption of their natural habitat. 
  • Different diseases, allergies, infections develop that impose a new kind of danger on human life. 

These are just a few of the effects. The most recent effects were shared, only. As they are the most basic and genuine causes of global warming.

Natural causes of global warming: 

The contributing factors of global warming are classified into natural and man-made causes. Following discussed are the natural causes of global warming:

Naturally occurring wildfires – killing the greenery of the earth

Naturally, wildfires occur due to the spark created by falling rocks, or the dried vegetation converting into flammable fuel. Wild fires contribute an enormous amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances in the air that later on gets mixed with heat radiations from the sun and impose harm the environment. 

Volcanic Eruptions – releases CO2, SO2, and H₂S: 

Volcanic eruption is another natural cause of global warming because when the volcanic erupts it leads out harmful substances in the air and the land that ruins the climate of the surrounding area. People cannot live or breathe in the next few years. So, imagine how much it must have contributed in the global warming 

Permafrost melting – the thawing killing the home of plants:

Permafrost is that area of the earth that remains frozen for at least making itself a home for the plants that require a cold atmosphere to grow. But due to climate change, the Permafrost have been melting snow, which causes an increase in the sea level which also in turn creates a danger for the marine life and people living near the coastal areas. 

Sun Spots – when the sun gets pimples, the earth burns! 

Solar activity is when solar radiation and solar activities like sunspots get large enough to create an impact on global warming. If Sunspots get bigger or active they create the solar storm activity for the earth and stops the passing of solar plasma, which turns into radiation and we all know that radiations are not good for the earth. 

Water Vapors – Conversion with gaseous elements: 

Water vapors are the natural gaseous phase of the water where it releases gases to the atmosphere in the process of melting. The reason contributes to global warming is because it absorbs the greenhouse gasses in its conversion from ice to liquid which ultimately gets absorbed by the surface of the earth. 

In an essence, 

It is high time for us to take responsible measures to reduce global warming or one can even take the part in the campaigns for the causes of global warming. It indeed has created a bigger threat than it has expected. Yes, one can never put an end to natural circumstances, but one can take measures to minimize the effects of those natural causes. It’s the least we owe to our nature. And if we want our generation to live a healthy life on earth. We got to be more responsible towards our climate and for that all you have to do is; 


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