What Are Some Indoor Gardening Tips






What Are Some Indoor Gardening Tips


An indoor garden has a long list of benefits including stress reduction, aesthetics and air purification. Plus, indoor plants are the best way to enjoy fresh products. Unpreserved herbs, fruits and vegetables taste better as well. But, a big yard and a favourable climate are not the prerequisites here. So, read the following indoor gardening tips and you can enjoy healthy products throughout the year.

What Are Some Indoor Gardening Tips

Select the right pots and containers

Use pots that can offer enough space for the plant and its root system. For instance, spinach, kale, and lettuce need at least 5 inches of depth for root growth. Similarly, peppers, beans, cucumbers, peas and other similar bushes need around 7 inches for proper development. Crops like potatoes, carrots and beets need bigger space to expand. For these plants, you need containers with a soil depth of 12 inches.

Fill the right soil

You might think that the outdoor soil is perfect for the pots, but the reality differs. There could be lots of microscopic pests that can damage your plants. Plus, regular soil could be compact which makes it tough for the plants to grow. Instead, you can try potting compost mix like Westland 10200035. A potting mix will not pack the roots, which helps them to grow strong.

Pick the plants according to the available space

Not all the plantations are suitable for indoor gardens because some of them require significant space to grow. For instance, tomatoes, okra and corn can reach around 12 feet in height. So, you should go for dwarf species like peepers, bush type tomatoes, fruits like strawberry and herbs.

Get some light

Most of the plants need at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. So, you can place the plants near a window facing south. Find an alternate if your house does not have a window that can allow sunlight. For instance, you can try a grow light like VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series P600 to ensure healthy growth. An indoor plant growing tent is also useful because it will maximize the benefits of light. For example, you can try RIMARUP Grow Tent Oxford Hydro Greenhouse.

Try vertical garden bed

If you have a small open space for containers, then try the concept of vertical gardening. Vertically organized pots give you a lot of space to grow additional herbs, flowers and vegetables. You can do it simply by using some stands or boxes of variable heights so that none of them can block light. You can also use a vertical raised garden bed when the indoor space is limited.

Use trellis

Vining plants such as cucumber and green beans occupy a lot of space when they are growing outdoors. However, you don’t have to align them with a significant room inside the house by using a trellis. It can help you to grow heavy vegetables or plants including cantaloupe and squash. You can also make slings using old clothes and tie them with the trellis to provide external support for the plants.

Water them regularly

Vegetables and fruits grow well in damp soil. When roots are frequently wet and then dry, their development hampers that increases the chances of blossoms drop. So, check the soil every day by putting some pressure using on its surface. Use your finger to see if it’s a bit damp and springy. Water the soil if it’s dry.

You can also use self-watering pots, which seeks your attention only after 7 to 10 days. These containers will supply the required amount of water without your interference.

Protect against pests

Insects and pests might invade your garden, even if you are using a potting mix. For instance, fungus gnats feed on plants and eventually kills them. We suggest that you use organic pest repellent instead of chemical ones. You can also prepare a high-quality anti-pest mix at your home. Mix 2 tablespoons of Dawn dishwasher into 1 pint of water, fill into a bottle and spray the solution on the plants. Do not spray the mix on developing fruits or vegetables.

Final talk

The unavailability of a significant outdoor space should not stop you from growing fruits, vegetables or flowers. The latest technologies allow you to simulate a natural environment that facilitates adequate plant growth. So, indoor gardening is one of the best ways to enjoy fresh produce. Now you know some of the important indoor gardening tips. So, why wait? Start indoor plantation today.

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