What are the 4 types of Fire Extinguishers?

Fire safety should always be the priority in both domestic and commercial buildings. And it is very important to know that which fire extinguisher is best for which setting.

There are different types of fire extinguishers, and each one of them has distinct qualities and features that make them extinguish the fire quickly.

In this article, we will discuss different types of fire extinguishers. Basically, there are four types of fire extinguishers. Let’s get to know more about them.

Classes of Fires

Before we get to know the different types of fire extinguishers, it is immensely important to know about different classes of fires.

Class-A Fire

Class-A fires are comprised of solid combustible materials including plastic, wood, textile, and paper.

Class B Fires

Class B fires include combustible liquids such as gasoline, petrol, oil-based paints, kerosene, etc.

Class C Fires

Class C fires are basically electrical fires that are caused by electrical appliances or circuit breakouts.

Class K Fires

Class K fires are caused by inflammable liquids such as vegetable and animal oils, mostly caused in kitchen settings of homes and restaurants.

Now, we will forward to the different types of fire extinguishers.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Foam Extinguishers

Foam extinguishers are the most widely used type of fire extinguishers as they extinguish the fire quickly. These handheld portable fire extinguishers are mainly used for class B fires.

Apart from being the best choice for class B fires, foam fire extinguishers can also be used for class-A fires where they can extinguish organic inflammable solid materials such as textile, wood, cardboard, and coal.

Water Extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers are also one of the most widely used fire extinguishers in the market. They consist of two simple elements; air and water.

Water extinguishers are used for class-A fires. However, they should never be used for class C fires or anywhere near electricity or electrical appliances.

Water fire extinguishers can cause more damage if used for class C or electrical fires.

Dry Powder Extinguishers

Dry powder fire extinguishers are the market leader in the firefighting industry. They are versatile fire extinguishers and can fight class-A, B, and C fires.

The only precaution that you need to consider while using the dry powder fire extinguisher is that does not to use it in confined or closed places.

Dry powder fire extinguishers can also be used to put out fires in combustible metals, but a specialized powder is used in that type of dry powder fire extinguishers.

Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are typically designed for class K fires where they fight fires caused by animal and vegetable oils. These fires are commonly seen in the kitchens of restaurants and homes.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers can also be used for class-A fires to put out simple fires caused by combustible solid materials however, foam fire extinguishers are prioritized over wet chemical fire extinguishers when it comes to Class-A fires.

These were four commonly used types of fire extinguishers!

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