What Are the Average Water Bills in Adelaide?

How much are you paying for water? Does it seem like an exorbitant amount?

Unfortunately, the cost of water has been going up and probably will continue to rise in the future. Since none of us can live without water, we just have to keep paying our bills.

However, it can help to know what the average water bills in Adelaide are. What if you find that yours still seems expensive in comparison? Then check out the tips for reducing your water bill at the end of this article!

The Parts of Your Water Bill

Water bills in Adelaide are divided into two parts. First, there is a fixed charge that everyone pays. This covers the cost of bringing water to you, though the charges are averaged. In other words, everyone pays the same instead of how much it actually costs to reach your property.

The second part you have more control over. You are charged a certain amount for every kiloLitre of water that you use. In an effort to incentivise conserving water, this charge goes up once you exceed a certain number of kL per day. There are three pricing tiers.

What Is the Average Cost of Water?

How does your water bill stack up? Are you paying an average amount? More? Less?

The cost of water in Adelaide for the average 2-person household is $135 per 91-day billing cycle. The average 4-person household pays $230. This is based on each individual using an average of 0.190 kL of water each day plus the fixed 91-day charge of $67.85.

Tips for Lowering Your Water Bill

What if you think you are paying too much for water after reading this? Well, there are a number of tricks you can use to decrease your water use and lower your bill. Here are a few ideas.

Detect and Repair Leaks

A dripping faucet or running toilet are obviously wasting water in your home. You might be surprised, though, that these (small) leaks can waste more than 60 litres of water per day!

However, other small leaks in the walls or underground often go unnoticed for months. Test your water meter to determine if leaks are present and get them repaired as soon as possible.

The Dual Flush Toilet

A dual flush toilet lets you use about half the amount of water for flushing #1 as for flushing #2. It makes complete sense! You don’t need that much water to wash away a little #1.

Another option is to wait to flush until after a few uses.

Shower Rather than Bathe

Low-flow showerheads run at a rate of about 9 litres per minute. That works out to 90 litres for a 10-minute shower. Depending on the size of your bathtub (and how full you fill it), a bath will require about 120 litres of water. Short showers for the win!

Saving Money on Your Water Bill

If you notice that you’re being charged at the tier 2 level for water, you have a great opportunity to bring down your bill considerably. Try some of these water-saving suggestions to enjoy a lower bill!


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