What Are the Best Laptops for Gaming?

There are tons of brands out there for gaming laptops, but not all of them will be convenient for you. To pick the best laptop, you will need to consider prices and specs. If you’re an experienced gamer, you may want to go for a pro gaming laptop. However, if you’re only beginning, we suggest buying a more affordable choice to upgrade later on.

Read on for more details on the best gaming laptops in the market today.

MSI GS66 Stealth

Packed with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU, an Intel Core i7 processor, and 32GB of RAM is what some would call the ultimate gaming laptop. The MSI GS66 Stealth contains an RGB keyboard suitable for FPS and MMO games and GameSense that show your game stats like health and ammo levels. This MSI gaming laptop is also equipped with a 300Hz Full HD display with 2080 resolution for the sharpest gaming experience, and hours of battery life for endless fun. At $2,700, the MSI takes the cake for top gaming laptops.

ASUS Rog Zephyrus Duo

This ASUS gaming laptop stands out from the crowd with its two screens—the main 15.6-inch screen and a 14-inch touchscreen display called ScreenPad Plus which allows for multitasking. It is also equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU and 32GB of RAM as well but uses an Intel Core i9 instead. The ASUS Rog Zephyrus Duo, priced at $4,160, has a high refresh rate and a 4K resolution ideal for showcasing the smallest of details, suitable for demanding gamers.

Alienware Area 51M R2

Another gaming laptop packing an NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU, Intel Core i9 processor, and 32GB of RAM, the Alienware Area 51M R2 is one of the top upgradable gaming laptops in the market. At $2,400, this laptop may be over your budget, however, ASUS has created a starter laptop based on this model so you can upgrade it at your own pace.

Lenovo Legion Y545

This Lenovo laptop has features that are moderate in comparison to our previous laptops. Although it’s packed with an NVIDIA GPU, its processor is an Intel Core i7 and is equipped with only 6GB of RAM. It’s suitable for anyone who plays games like VALORANT or CS:GO given the low refresh rate. Priced at $1,200, the Lenovo Legion is a budget laptop for less competitive gamers.

HP Omen 17

The HP Omen is another option for gamers looking for budget gaming laptops. It offers a 144Hz 17-inch display and ray-tracing support. The price tag on this laptop reads $1,700 thanks to its NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU, dual chambers for HDDs and SSDs, and lightweight structure.

Razer Blade Pro 17

This Razer laptop packs a unique cooling chamber to dissipate heat while you play. It also showcases a 4K resolution on its 15-inch touchscreen thanks to its NVIDIA RTX GPU with a low refresh rate. It’s considered a powerful gaming laptop, for the cost of $2,700, suitable for productive gamers.

Gigabyte Aero Pro 17 HDR

Another gaming laptop leaving its mark on the gaming industry is the Gigabyte Aero Pro 17 HDR with its 4K display and bright HDR content. Like most laptops on this list, it contains an NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU as well as an Intel Core i7 and 16GB of RAM. Many seek this $3,000 gaming laptop for its thin construct and groundbreaking AI rendering technology.

MSI GT76 Titan

Humbly sitting at the bottom of the list, we can find what’s considered the best laptop for raw power—the MSI GT76 Titan. This super-computer packs an NVIDIA GeForce GPU and a hefty Intel Core i9 plus 64GB of RAM. Priced at a whopping $4,300, this laptop is powerful enough to run VR applications and stylish enough with its RGB keyboard and carbon fiber blended frame.

This list was meant to inform you of some of the best laptops for gamers like you and to help you make the best choice.


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