What Are the Best Types of Freelance Jobs?

Freelancing is a great route for you if you want to become your boss and work from anywhere. You won’t have to worry about commutes, dress codes, or micromanaging.

Working as a freelancer is a dreamland for many people. But to enjoy it, you need to choose the right job. Luckily, the options are endless. This comprehensive guide will explain the best types of freelance jobs.

Freelance Writing/Copywriting

If you’ve considered freelancing, then you’ve probably heard about freelance writing. Freelance writing is one of the most popular freelancing jobs.

Freelance writers are everywhere. And they’re responsible for most of the content you see online. It’s one of the fields with different types of freelancing jobs out there.

Freelance writers can be SEO writers, journalists, copywriters, bloggers, storytellers, or social media writers. If you’re new, you could start as a general blogger. Then you can figure out a direction that aligns with your strengths and interests.

While it’s one of the best types of freelancing jobs, earnings can be disparate. One-third of freelance writers earn less than $10 per hour, while only 19% make above $50 per hour. You have to be patient and grow your skills before competing with top-earning writers.

SEO Professionals

As an SEO freelancer, you’re the go-to expert when businesses want to improve their search engine rankings. SEO is an in-demand skill in freelancing. Almost every company wants to generate traffic from the internet.

To become an SEO expert, you need SEO skills, tools, and self-marketing. The good thing is that the internet is full of free SEO resources and tools to get started.

Self-marketing strategies and tools like a portfolio and website are a must-have. This is because you need to promote yourself and show proof you got it as an SEO expert.

SEO experts can make money on an hourly or contract basis. You can use job boards to find gigs or cold pitch your services to local and online businesses. The average SEO salary is $82,947 as of September 2021. But your skills, certifications, and experience aid in determining your actual salary.

Social Media Management or Marketing

Suppose you’re a binge social media user and you’re wondering how you could translate that time into money. You can make time spent on social media worth it by becoming a freelancer.

A social media freelancer works as a content creator, marketer, or manager. While these roles differ, their primary focus is to generate traffic for businesses.

Social media for businesses is a way to boost traffic, gain industry insights, and grow brands. No surprise, social media types of freelance careers are some of the best.

As a social media freelancer, you can find gigs on job boards or through referrals and cold pitching. The average salary for a social media marketing professional in the US is $50,473.


If you have a knack for designing, you can choose to become a freelance designer. This means working as a creative on a project basis or for different clients.

As a freelance designer, your role is to develop design ideas for items, packaging, or websites. You could also create designs for your projects or pay.

Freelance designers can work online or offline and do different types of design. They can help brands create their visual identities or become web designers. They can also be fashion, interior or garden designers. The options are endless as long as you have the talent.

Regardless of how you work, this is a career that gives you immense control and flexibility. You’ll choose the projects that can bring out the best of you. And the best part is that you can earn from $40,000 while doing a job you love.

Coding and Programming

Coding and programming are some of the best types of freelancing jobs. According to Indeed, coders and programmers can earn an average salary of $48,381. Specialist programmers have the potential to make more money

More entrepreneurs are looking for digital solutions and customization options. So, if you can code, there are a lot of coding and programming opportunities online and offline.

For success, you have to approach freelance coding like an entrepreneur. Apart from sharpening your skills, brand yourself as a problem solver. That way, you can approach entrepreneurs with valuable solutions for their problems.

Photographer or Videographer

Are you a hobbyist, photographer, or videographer looking for freelancing jobs? Sure, it can be pretty tricky turning hobbies into careers. But if you’re passionate about photography, it can be easier than it seems.

Becoming a freelance photographer is as good as starting a business. That means getting some training, equipment and creating a plan. You should also figure out what kind of photography you want to do.

One of the essentials for success in photography is building a portfolio website. A well-designed website with well-presented prints is a crucial ingredient for attracting clients.

Photographers can charge between $100 and $250 per hour. Rates may vary based on projects, experience, location, and specific client needs.


Not all professions may translate perfectly into freelancing careers. But if you’re an expert in your field, you have a real chance of becoming a freelancer.

A freelance consultant earns from providing advice to businesses within their field. An example is an expert nutritionist advising individuals on a healthy lifestyle.

Working as a freelance consultant is as demanding as entrepreneurship. You have to look for clients, manage deliverables and grow your network to stand a chance of success. However, taking on too large of a client load can lead to burnout. Check out how you can balance clients and workload to maintain their satisfaction.


Translation freelance jobs are for you if speak two or more languages. As a translator, your job is to convert written and spoken words from one language into the other. For example, you can translate Spanish into English and vice versa.

Translation skills are one of the most sought-after skills amid globalization. Brands expanding to new countries need to communicate in a language all customers can understand.

As a translator, you need a good master of at least two languages. You also need to understand cultural nuances and contexts when using different words.

Going Freelance With These Types of Freelance Jobs

Going freelance with any of these options is one thing yet success is another. Thriving in different types of freelance jobs takes patience, hard work, and proper planning.

As you grow in the field and clients increase, you’ll need a strategy to manage them. For more tips and advice on freelancing, check out the rest of our blog.


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