What Are the Common Signs of Aging?






For some people, it is an unpleasant fact that aging starts to take place and it is a source of worry and concern. For other people, there is an acceptance that aging is a natural process and is something that is to be accepted as part of life. Aging begins to start in early adulthood, generally in the early to mid-twenties. However, most people start to fully notice the effects of aging once they enter their forties. Around this period, it may become obvious that physical fitness levels have declined. It is why most professional sportspeople retire during or before their forties, depending on the sport they are competing in. There are some shared features that most people will experience as a part of aging. This article describes three traits of what happens in the body when aging begins.

Hair Loss and Grey Hair

As people start to age and enter the later stages of life, hair loss and a greying of the hair can become common. Hair loss is largely dictated by a person’s genetic makeup. Some people will experience little or no hair loss during their senior years, whilst some males may experience balding as early as in their late twenties. By the age of fifty, it is estimated that eighty-five percent of males will have experienced some degree of balding. Scientists believe that hormones known as androgens are responsible for baldness in males. As with hair loss, people start to get grey hair in later life, due to a combination of genetics and natural aging. Hair commonly turns grey as the body produces less of the pigment called melanin which gives hair its colour. Lower levels of melanin in the hair, therefore, lead to greying.

Declining Mobility

Reductions in levels of general mobility often start to take place in later life and are another sign of aging. Senior citizens may not be able to exercise as frequently or to the same intensity as they once did in earlier adulthood. Whilst this is perfectly normal, it can lead to health complications if mobility loss becomes severe. Muscle wastage and loss of bone density can occur with old age, and this can increase the likelihood of sustaining injuries because of falls. When the elderly start to experience frequent falls, it can often be the time to consider moving into an assisted living facility, such as those offered at assisted living in Richmond Heights. These types of establishments will have care staff on the premises to help residents improve their mobility. Handrails will be incorporated into baths and toilets to reduce the risk of falls and the residents may be encouraged to take part in gentle exercises to enable them to regain some of their mobility.


As a final point, wrinkles are another common sign of aging. Over time, the skin loses its natural elasticity, and the body starts to produce fewer oils that nourish the skin. This can lead to the skin beginning to dry out, which can then further increase the appearance of wrinkles. Whilst gaining wrinkles is a common part of growing old, there is a range of health and beauty products that seek to minimize the signs of aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Some of these products are formulated with specific vitamins or serve to rehydrate the skin to improve its overall appearance.

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