What Are the Main Reasons People Get Divorced?

Typically, when a marriage begins, the bride and the groom believe that it’s going to last forever. However, despite peoples’ best efforts, approximately 45% of marriages end in divorce.

Now, the reasons for this are plenty. However, there are a few reasons that top them all. Without further ado, here are the main reasons people get divorced.


As you might expect, infidelity is the cause of quite a few divorces. Most marriages are monogamous in nature, and so a partner being unfaithful is seen as the betrayal of all betrayals.

This doesn’t necessarily have to involve sex or physical cheating. Emotional infidelity often leads to divorce as well, especially in the age of texting and social media.

Money Issues

Another issue that often leads to divorce is the issue of money; someone’s spending too much of it or someone’s not making enough of it or otherwise. Money issues have the potential to ruin both partners’ lives and so, as you might expect, they carry with them a great deal of stress.

But it’s not just going bankrupt that rubs marriage partners the wrong way. Differences in financial planning can cause friction as well. You can try to compromise over this issue, but, in a good many cases, it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


Whether it be from work or school or raising kids or otherwise, stress can decimate a marriage. A stressed person is typically an on-edge and snappy person, and that type of person is usually a comment away from engaging in a verbal altercation. Add two stressed individuals to the mix and there is sure to be discontent between one another on a regular basis.

There are a few things you can do to reduce stress in your life. The biggest one is to do away with stressors or at least minimize them. Another option is to go to therapy.

Letting One’s Self Go

Over time, as a couple becomes settled with one another, there becomes a tendency for each person to let themself go. This can result in everything from weight gain to the display of bad habits to poor hygiene and more.

In any case, it can kill the attraction in a marriage, sending it into a downward spiral that ultimately leads to divorce. So, if you want to keep your marriage together, give it the best you’ve got from start to finish.

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There Are All Sorts of Reasons People Get Divorced 

As we’ve noted, divorce is quite common. So, while this article covers the most common reasons people get divorced, it doesn’t come anywhere close to covering all the reasons. Every marriage is different, and so too is every dissolution of a marriage.

If you’re looking for information on other marriage-related topics, our website is the place to be. Check out a few of our other articles now!


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