What Are the Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy for Your Pet?

Are you looking to purchase customized medications for your pet from a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy? Check out these tips to help you choose a reliable pharmacy.These tips should help you get the ball rolling toward the right direction every time, especially if you intend to work with one for a long time.

  • Keep in mind that not all pharmacists, even those working in compounding pharmacies, receive training in veterinary compounding.

In fact, it’s actually only in these recent years that schools are encouraging the inclusion of veterinary compounding training in their curriculums. This highlights the importance of learning about the experience, educational background, and licenses of the pharmacists doing the veterinary compounding in any given pharmacy you’re considering. Ask directly whether they received specialized training for it.

  • Always set your pet’s specific needs as a priority.

Before you even begin to ask about how the pharmacy produces its medications and other benefits, you should first consider whether they’ll be able to meet your pet’s specific medication order. Obviously, this becomes more crucial among pet owners with furry friends who are particularly sensitive to certain ingredients or have been found to respond poorly to standard medications.

For instance, a lot of compounding pharmacies let you remove most of the unnecessary ingredients that may cause side effects or allergic reactions for your four-legged friend. 

  • Not all veterinary compounding pharmacies have the same policies about this. Some may be more permissive than others when it comes to giving people leeway in the ingredients they include.
  • You also need to look at the medications they produce and know whether they offer the one that your pet’s veterinarian thinks will meet your pet’s needs and, in turn, spur a more positive treatment outcome.
  • Ask about the different customizations they offer. 

Does the pharmacy offer several options when it comes to choosing the form that your pet’s medication comes in? Do they allow as much for dosages, when mixing medications, as well as the type of ingredients (whether natural or synthetic) you can include or exclude? Offering tasty natural pet flavors such as peanut butter, beef,chicken and tuna are just a few to make the medication palatable and desirable most importantly.

  • Obviously, the more options the pharmacy offers, the better.
  • All the while, your pet’s safety should be maintained and held to the highest priority. 
  • Read the pharmacy’s latest reviews.

An independent review online can sometimes help a reader that is still unsure about choosing a specific pharmacy make a final decision. There are a lot of compounding pharmacies out there. Most of the ones operating nowadays only include veterinary compounding in their exhaustive list of services and products offered. Obviously, you should focus on their performance in the veterinary category.

The Top Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy doesn’t refrain from being transparent with their feedback. See how they respond to any kind of negative review. If they’re not responding, you may have to consider another option. Always look at the latest feedback regarding their veterinary compounded medications. 

  • If they’re active on social media, check out the feedback that they’ve been getting there. 
  • A pharmacy is really no different from any kind of business in this regard, so feedback will always be a reliable source of insight into the company’s overall performance. 
  • Ask whether they can ensure there will be no shortages of medications.

You’re probably considering veterinary compounding because of the prospect of having a steady supply of needed medicines for your pet. 

  • Be sure to prioritize this if your pet’s case is a particularly sensitive one and he or she can’t handle any interruptions in medication.
  • Consider the possibility of emergency cases, too, wherein you may need to administer certain medicines with the least possible delay. 
  • Ask about their sterility and quality-assurance policies. 

Any compounding pharmacy that shows 100% transparency in these essential aspects is almost always a lot more trustworthy than one that doesn’t. In fact, you shouldn’t even have to ask about it. Some pharmacies take a proactive approach to quell the doubts of prospective clients, after all. 

  • Choose pharmacies that take the initiative to show you the safety and quality of their medications. 
  • Consult your pet’s veterinarians about the best customizations for your pet.

One way or another, your pet’s vet will be involved once you work with a veterinary compounding pharmacy since they’ll be asking for prescriptions every time. That being said, be sure to make the most out of your consultations by asking the vet about how your pet’s medications should be compounded. Expert advice has no equal, after all. 

Bay Life Compounding Pharmacy:

Choosing the right veterinary compounding for your pet isn’t rocket science. However, it is important as a consumer and pet parent to ask some of the same questions you would for a child or loved one. What flavors are available and options for dosing could be a make it or break it decision if your pet likes the formula and is willing to take the prescription daily.  Lean on your compounding staff for the best options and palatable recipes that their clients are enjoying. Put your pet’s needs and safety first and foremost and feel free to get the advice of your local pharmacist to make the connection and a life long partner for your pet’s needs.


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