What Can a Family Lawyer Do for You?

Family law attorneys should be prepared to handle a wide range of cases. They deal with clients that are frequently experiencing some very difficult and emotional life moments. Here are just some of the primary roles of a family law lawyer:

* Divorce:

This is probably the most common case that family lawyers handle. The vast majority of family law cases involve divorces. It is important for divorcing parents to find an attorney they can trust because every state has different laws on divorce proceedings. A good divorce lawyer will be well versed with the state’s laws in which they practice.

* Child Support:

Another typical case handled by a family law attorney is child support enforcement. Many parents fighting for custody of their child or children find themselves financially distressed after a divorce. To ensure that children are properly cared for, child support payments are arranged. A family lawyer can assist both parents in negotiating child support payment arrangements. If the parents can’t agree on child support, their rights to seek compensation from the court will be granted.

* Guardianship and Custody:

Again, it’s not uncommon to have a family law lawyer involved in this type of case. A guardian is usually appointed for teenagers, young adults, or anyone under 18 years of age. When a parent has been given custody of their minor child, they are responsible for making decisions for the child, including religious and educational decisions. As a result, many parents are interested in seeking compensation for the loss of parental control over their children. A lawyer can represent one of the parents or, if desired, can serve as a mediator. A lawyer can help the client obtain the most financially and legally beneficial arrangement for the child in either situation.

* Paternity and maternity:

Some assets and liabilities are often not addressed during a marriage or immediately following a divorce. In these cases, a family law lawyer is often called upon to determine who retains that asset (like a bank account) and who gets the money owed to them by the other spouse. In addition, there may be issues involving child custody, visitation, child support, and spousal support (or spousal alimony). A judge generally decides these issues through a lengthy and expensive process. Therefore, family law attorneys will often work on a contingency basis, which means that the lawyer will not charge any fees until their client receives what is legally due to them.

Family lawyers also handle matters that fall between child custody and paternity. For example, they often represent alleged victims of child abuse or neglect. In instances such as these, there may be issues with establishing whose act constitutes child abuse, which is where the expertise of family law lawyers becomes particularly useful. Additionally, they may also represent individuals involved in a traumatic accident that leaves them physically disabled. In these situations, they will review the regulations surrounding employment and insurance coverage, which often makes the workplace a place of suffering for many people who have been affected by accidents at work.

Custody and visitation rights cases

Often, custody and visitation rights cases are decided according to the family relationship defined at the time of marriage or at the time of the divorce. However, family law attorneys also work with people who believe they are not related to anyone in particular or want to establish guardianship over a minor child or children. In this case, the expertise of a good family law lawyer becomes especially relevant. Many of these lawyers provide services to help those who need help with legal matters.