What Causes Divorce? Top 4 Reasons to Split

Marriage can be challenging and demanding at times, but when do you know that it’s time to split?

According to a recent study, one 1 out of 3 Americans would not remarry the same partner if they had the chance to restart. That’s a pretty big number of people who are dissatisfied with their spouses.

Many couples experience trials and tribulations over the course of their marriage but when enough is enough, what causes divorce?

Keep reading to find out the top four reasons why people get divorced.

1. Cheating 

Infidelity might be the number one cause of divorce. Not only is it very difficult to regain the trust of a partner but it also reveals deeper rooted issues in the marriage.

Oftentimes when people cheat there are underlying issues that lead to infidelity. Resentment, lack of intimacy, and anger can all serve as reasons for a partner to stray from the marriage.

For many, restoring trust is practically impossible.

2. Inability to Communicate

Lack of communication with your spouse is another common reason for divorce.

Not only is communication vital in sustaining a marriage, lack of dialogue, connection, and interaction can lead to a breakdown in many other areas of the relationship. It can create a lack of intimacy, trust, and emotional support.

The way couples communicate is also important. Being honest and calmly having discussions is much more productive than yelling or being passive-aggressive.

If you and your partner stop talking, you might be headed towards divorce.

3. Money Troubles

Financial trouble is difficult even when you are single – let alone married. This causes major stress and strain on the relationship.

If couples do not have the same opinions on fiscal responsibility, they are likely to disagree on money spending habits. If one person is a frivolous spender and spends significantly more than the other, this might create frustration and tension.

Financial debt also makes it difficult to enjoy life and serves as a constant topic of arguments.

Before you get married, you should understand your partner’s financial perspectives.

4. Lack of Intimacy

Why do people get divorced? Well, if there’s no intimacy, it could feel like you’re living with a roommate rather than your spouse.

Couples often have different sexual appetites but with the right communication, they figure out a system that works for them. But if the intimacy has dwindled over time and you no longer feel sexually attracted to your partner, that is a sign that your marriage might not last.

If you are thinking about getting divorced and need some legal support, get help here with a trusted divorce lawyer.

Is Your Relationship at Risk: What Causes Divorce?

Divorce can be a painful experience but if you’ve recently had any of these experiences, it might be time to pull the trigger. If you want to know what causes divorce, ask yourself if there is a lack of intimacy, financial trouble, lack of communication, or infidelity in your relationship.

Although divorce can be difficult, staying in an unhappy marriage is considerably worse.

If you found this article helpful, keep coming back to our blog for more relationship advice!


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