What Does a Hot Air Gun Do?

A heat gun, in fact, a hot air gun; Although it is a tool for professional use; It is a tool with many uses that you can use in some of your projects and repairs at home. Make sure you buy a hot air gun; You will use it more than you think. In this article, what is a hot air gun, what does a hot air gun do, where is a hot air gun used? We will explain in detail.

What is a Hot Air Gun?

What is a heat gun? Hot air guns are a very unknown and not used tool at home. (Also known as a heat air gun.)

Hot air guns are similar to hair dryers, but blow air at much higher temperatures and are suitable for extended use. Now, let’s explain in detail what a hot air gun does.

What Does a Hot Air Gun Do?

What does a hot air gun do? Hot air gun usage areas are quite transitional. However, it is generally used for stripping and removing paint from different surfaces.

It is also used for softening some adhesives, softening and shaping some plastic coatings, removing silicone and mastic wastes, removing wallpaper, and removing solders in desoldering tools.

It can be used to dry a damp wood or wood at a low heat setting, to shorten the drying time of paint and to bend some plastic materials by heating.

How to Use a Hot Air Gun?

Removing paint with a heat gun is a fairly simple task. If there is more than one paint layer on the surface you will be using, start and finish with the first layer first, then move on to the next. Of course, scraping should be done with a metal spatula. In addition, a hot air gun should not be used on plastic surfaces. It can melt the plastic surface or even start a fire.

If the area or object you are working on is in a small and sensitive place; You can also use chemical paint removers instead of a hot air gun.

When using the hot gun, take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Use your machine with slow and circular movements. Do not leave directly on the same surface for more than a few seconds. Because the temperature of the hot air gun is sufficient to scorch and ignite.

Scrape off the softened and swollen paint layer with a scraper or spatula. Consider that deformations such as melting, burning, swelling may occur on plastic surfaces.

Points to Consider When Using a Hot Air Gun

  1. Use your heat gun in a grounded outlet.
  2. Use safety glasses, filter mask or dust mask and thick work gloves during use. (Smoke from high heat can harm you.)
  3. If possible, have your workspace outdoors. If not, make sure your workplace is well ventilated.
  4. In order not to cause accidents and to avoid being damaged by the fumes that may arise, make sure that there is no one else in your work area.
  5. Keep your workplace clean. Before starting work, remove flammable and combustible materials such as waste, sawdust, paper, thinner.
  6. Be careful when using your gun on windows, glass, tiles, and adhesives. It will soften some adhesives; Do not forget that materials such as glass and tiles can also crack due to high heat.
  7. Do not press the tip of the gun directly to the surface during use and work from a distance. Take care not to allow dust and similar wastes to enter the air ducts of the gun, which may interfere with the hot airflow.
  8. Note that the heat gun can also damage the soldiers. Work away from soldered places.
  9. Choose your work clothes correctly. Do not wear long and dangling dresses.
  10. Unplug your hot air gun when not in use.

Hot air guns are similar to hairdryers and they transmit much more hot air farther. So, it can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Some models can radiate heat up to 650 degrees. You can also control the temperature through a digital heat gun.

“What is a hot air gun, what is a hot air gun for, how to use a hot air gun?” We tried to explain. You can share your experience of using hot air guns in the comments.” (The information above is advisory, and our site does not accept responsibility for damages and accidents that may occur during use.)


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