What Equipment Do You Need to Build a Fire Pit?

Building a fire pit is one of the projects that many think is either too complex or just not possible to do on a domestic or DIY level. People have different uses for a fire pit. One way you can build a fire pit is by using a plasma cutter. And you can take some time to learn more about a plasma cutter fire pit.

Building a fire pit can be a bit challenging when you don’t know how to. Worse still, it can be more challenging when you don’t have the right tools. So, in this article, we are going to show you some of the tools that you need when constructing a fire pit. The end result is very rewarding when you finally invite friends and family over for a campfire with stories throughout the night. But before this happens, here’s what you’ll need when setting up a fire pit:

A Cutting Device

This is the most important tool that you will need for a start. It will do most of the operations during the process of making the pit. In this case, you can either use a band saw or a plasma cutter if you’re making a plasma cutter fire pit.

Although the devices you can use to cut aren’t just limited to these two, we are going to focus on using a plasma cutter here. This is because it can help you come up with the best designs for your fire pit.

What is a Plasma Cutter Fire Pit?

A plasma cutter fire pit is a pit that’s made from plasma cutting. And this begs the question – what is a plasma cutter? Or rather what even is plasma cutting? Welding, as you may already know, is an age old practice used to join metallic parts. And it is by far the best method that you can use to join metals quickly. Plasma cutting, gauging from the name, is just like welding in the sense of being the best for metals. But the only difference is that it is an ideal method for cutting different types of metals. And this is regardless of their type or thickness.

Plasma cutters can cut through even the thickest of metals with ease. And this is how it has found widespread use in workshops, factories, and now even at home. This is due to the affordability of plasma cutters all over the world. Now, amateurs at home can have access to tools that were plainly reserved for the professionals.

How Plasma Cutting Works?

How does plasma cutting work? Can one make a fire pit with a plasma cutter? Well, for starters, plasma cutting uses precise and ultra-high temperature cutting flames that cut through metals of different types and thickness with ease.

Plasma cutting is best-suited to use with conductive metals. Therefore, it is great for non-ferrous metals such as cast iron, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, copper, brass, and even mild steel.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Plasma Cutter

Like any product in the world, a plasma cutter has its fair share of pros and cons. So, let’s first look at the advantages of using a plasma cutter or making a plasma cutter fire pit:

  • Speed – plasma cutting is perhaps around four times faster than oxyfuel cutting. Have you ever imagined how a hot knife would cut through butter? Well, plasma cutting through metal is kind of the same thing.
  • May not need gas cylinder – some special types of plasma cutting require the use of a gas cylinder. However, standard or basic plasma cutting will only need compressed air.
  • Ideal for different types of metals and thicknesses – it can pass through non-ferrous metals regardless of their sizes.
  • Minimal risk – unlike oxyfuel cutting that can lead to distortion during cutting, plasma cutting doesn’t put you through this problem.
  • Can work flat, horizontally, or vertically – nonetheless, it is most advisable to use plasma cutting on the flat level.

The disadvantages of using plasma cutting to create a fire pit include the fact that:

  • Plasma cutting may use more time and may actually be slower when cutting certain metals, such as thick steel.
  • You need a constant supply of electricity. Unlike oxyfuel cutting that comes with a portable source of heat, plasma cutting needs a direct source of electricity.

A Welder

Another device that you need for a fire pit is a welder. How else are you going to join the metal parts that you cut using plasma cutting?

A Bench or Angle Grinder

This will help to clean up the metal parts before you join them together through welding. To remove dross and burrs, you may need to use a ceramic grinding disc.

Brake Press

A brake press will help you to bend the metal so that you can create the rings.

Clamps or Magnets

Either will help you to hold the metal parts together during the assembly process.

Final Thoughts

Now that’s how you build a plasma cutter fire pit. Get the equipment ready and start the process of making your first fire pit today.


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