What exactly is market research conducted on a target audience?






If you want to discover the opinions, behaviours, and habits of a specific group (like the audience!), you’re doing audience research. There are no restrictions on who can be included in the sample. It can be made up of anyone who has an interest in the topic. The term “audience research” is critical, yet it can be interpreted differently depending on the context.

Companies can learn more about their target market’s interests, influences, and challenges using audience research. They can also gain insight into their perceptions of current products or feel about branding and service. Corporations use audience understanding research to engage with their audience and incorporate their thoughts and opinions into their products and services.

Audience research versus market research: what’s the difference?

The terms “audience research” and “market research” are frequently used interchangeably. However, audience research is undertaken on specific audiences (people) to learn more about them. On the other hand, market research is done to learn more about the industry in which the audience-targeted product or service works. It may include information on its competition, pricing, and other factors, such as a PEST analysis. Market research, on the other hand, is a word that refers to both forms of labour.

Research on the audience vs understanding of the audience

The two terms “audience understanding” and “audience research” are synonymous. Consumer discovery programs, customer insight programs, influencer mapping, user experience evaluations, innovation research, and other methodologies all rely on audience understanding as their foundation.

  • Non-user reviews are also regarded as audience research or comprehension.
  • Studying your target market is critical.
  • Understanding your audience – By conducting audience research, you will better connect with your customers and expand your business. It gives you the ability to put the needs of your customers first rather than focusing on your interests.
  • Decide who to target, how to contact them, or what to offer them via audience research. It can help you prioritize how to satisfy their needs best.
  • A hypothesis can also help give evidence for marketing claims that you might wish to make but (as of yet) do not have any evidence to support.

Identifying and defining the issue of audience research

A practical audience research project always starts with an apparent business problem and a series of questions that contribute to solving it.

Decide what you want to accomplish in the end. Which information must I have to improve upon what I’m already doing or am aware of?

If you want meaningful, usable results, you must ask your sample audience the appropriate questions. Demographics such as age, gender, education, income, and the area should be considered when performing audience research. They’re often used as purely objective categorizations. Frequently, this kind of query is referred to as standard demographic inquiries (SDIs).

The use of demographic questions at the outset of a survey helps ensure that you are conversing with the correct population of respondents. They can be used to weed out those who are deemed unimportant.


By being aware of these traits and attributes, you’ll be able to ask the right people the right questions. An independent school, for example, will get irrelevant answers if it polls people who don’t have children on school entrance criteria and the appeal of extracurricular activities. As a result, they’ll end up with the opinions of people who have little effect on the final choice and produce marketing collateral that appeals to the incorrect people.

demographics are necessary for a representative sample, but they are also often employed during analysis to deconstruct results and break the sample into more manageable portions.

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