What Happens During a Water Line Replacement?

Did you know that an estimated 15% of water lines in some states are still lead pipes?

If you didn’t know that, it should come as no surprise that water line replacement is a very common issue. There is a good chance that while you own a home, you’ll have to replace at least one water line.

Water Line Replacement

Water line replacement occurs when a water line is either damaged or old and needs to be replaced. Damage can occur from many causes, not least of which is tree roots and ground movement. If a water line repair can’t get the job done, you’ll have to get it replaced.

This brings up the question, what exactly happens when a water line is replaced? To answer that question, let’s take a look at how water line replacement is done. To begin with, there are two overall types of practices used here, standard and trenchless water line replacement.

Standard Water Line Replacement 

Still the most popular and common way of replacing water line, this method involves digging a trench. This trench will expose the water line, starting from where it connects to the house, or where it has to be cut. The old pipe is then removed, making way for a new one.

Once the new pipe is laid into the trench and connected, the trench is then refilled with dirt. This process is labor-intensive but is a relatively easy operation for most companies and contractors. If you are interested, you can find out more about what replacing a water line takes.

Trenchless Line Replacement

This process is straightforward, though the cost can be a bit higher. In order to perform this replacement, two holes are dug. Most often a cable system will then work to pull the pipe into position and workers will make sure that it is attached.

Damage, Labor, and Time 

Both methods for replacing a water line are relatively similar when it comes to time. Standard water line replacement will often encounter fewer problems or errors. However, damage to the yard will be more extensive in most cases.

Both procedures will take a crew of people to perform. This means that the cost for both procedures varies based on labor cost, how long the new pipe will be, and various other cost-based factors. Fortunately, neither operation will take very long to finish.

Water Pipes and You 

It is important to have up-to-date and safe water lines. If you notice anything, like leaking water or increased water bills, then you should have your water line checked by plumbers in Mason OH. Waiting to get water line assistance can cause more damage which will increase the total bill considerably.

No matter which method you choose to have your water line replacement, remember that the results can impact everything from property value to potential water damage. Make sure to have the professionals handle it, a poorly installed water pipe could cause irreparable damage to your home or property.

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