What happens when brain waves are synchronized?

Renowned neuroscientist Joe Dispenza, master of meditation, “if we always have the same thoughts and actions, our neural circuits become limited.” Brain synchronization remedies this.

Alpha mode is considered to be the “bridge” of brainwave synchronization. Sophrology, yoga, meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which uses the energy meridians, are particularly favorable to him.

According to the Art of Living Foundation Breathing and viewing pleasant images and sensations produce alpha waves and release tension. Listening to soundtracks made up of binaural beats (you can find them on the internet, associated with natural noises: rain, waterfall, birdsong …) or the use of audiovisual stimulators (Mind machines, not recommended for people with epilepsy ) allow you to switch to alpha or delta mode (for sleeping, for example) and to balance beta waves to activate with calm and concentration. When painful emotions are “encysted” (this can be seen in peak theta waves), switching to alpha mode allows you to connect to them and find solutions to problems. 


Neurofeedback makes it possible to visualize the changes live

The use of neurofeedback (measurement of brain waves by digitized electrodes connected to a computer screen) makes it possible to visualize the waves in different areas of the brain and to modify them by cognitive stimulation. Visualizing the changes and states generated live allows you to exercise positive control over your brain.

In 2016, Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach, researchers practicing meditation and EFT, observed very rapid changes in wave frequencies live, reflecting the release of emotional problems. Another notable point: this training allows to increase the symmetry between the two right and left hemispheres which start to work together. This rebalancing produces an effect of great coherence which improves mental performance and health. A state that stimulates gamma waves, the path to awakening consciousness and mental power …

Important Benefits for the brain by Art of Living Foundation

As experts from the Art of Living Foundation say, the benefits of meditation for the brain are many: it strengthens the connections between neurons and can literally change the configuration of neural networks. By practicing it regularly, you will be able to cultivate a more resilient neurobiology that will be able to:

  • contribute to a greater sense of well-being
  • promote the preservation of brain health during aging
  • help alleviate mental stress
  • improve the capacity for sustained concentration
  • Also, with practice, meditation can help you develop more empathy and compassion.

Take a Long View: Aging and the Brain

Within everyone’s reach, meditation is a fountain of youth in the face of mental aging. The human brain begins to degrade naturally in our twenties. However, the effective practice of meditation can help maintain a healthy brain.

Meditation has been shown to thicken the prefrontal cortex. This area of ​​the brain manages high brain functions such as increased awareness, concentration and decision making. The changes observed as a result of meditation show that high functions are enhanced and lower-order brain activities are reduced. In other words, you have the ability to train your brain.

Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, has found that when it comes to meditation, the key is consistency. As part of her study, she found that subjects aged 40 to 50 who practiced meditation in a sustained manner had the same amount of gray matter as an average person aged 20 to 30. Indeed, in this older group, the health of the frontal cortex was maintained.

It all sounds promising, doesn’t it? Read on at Art of Living Reviews to discover even more benefits of meditation for the brain.


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